Saturday, 21 December 2013

journey in train over blues.

                            Unlike those usual coming night,
                        it was deep dark with so much fight,
                    Fighting myself, with so much flooded thoughts,
                         The thoughts that eventually get caught,
                         Like those struggling fish in the fisher net.
            That particular thought wrestle’s in my loitering mind, so hard
                       Against every walls of height and width
           even in the pits of stomach and all over beneath the skin
                   Nothing could help myself to get away,
            In blink to an end it was left with no further choices for the way:
                     Ways to keep calm and awake with joys.
     Thereby, the midnight in the train passes with the stories of sorrows,
          And the songs of loneliness like those who search for light when get in burrow.
                             The midnight was so silent,
                   Silent except for the moving train that screeches,
                 And those thoughts that rumble in my mind,
                        like thousand thunders that vibrate the earth
                           Till to the morning rooster crows.