Thursday, 27 August 2015

               Wait for an unburdened smile.

   Cities are drunk on noise and lights,
   Every time, its busy but here i am rigid and stagnant.
   Wandering myself through lost path every dawn break.
   Kneeling down, on the first light i ask answer from my goddess,
   But she is even more silent that the height of my lost.
                 Each night , it became terribly quiet,
                 That frightens me with deep darkness.
         To the discovery;
  I flip thousands of words written,
Thousands of photographs snapped,
Thousands of voice recordings,
But each has so much and so more to tell.
And i am here still lost with each memories alive,
And all i want is to be back to that reality, the one last hug i wish before i die.

It's nobody's voice, but inside me loud and big.
You know it; 
I always have something to say,
I always have something to write,
But it's me, as always a mirror of words
When you're my north light.
       You, basically is a picture of my poem,
      That somebody- "me" has always something to write about.

It's a long quiet night without an unburdened smile.