Sunday, 5 October 2014

What love taught me about life.

One night, when my lady couldn't attend me like usual, having nothing to do and feeling bored, I tried to catch some sleep but I landed up for more than an hour drooling over the bed, hugging pillow tight, trying hard to sleep, trying not to think and yeah suddenly thought flashed with a question; what is the biggest thing that you have ever experienced/learned being in love?   It was something that I can’t express in a word nor in sentence, it was something more than the short answers, and that’s how I came into this piece of another true story.
Since from the time when I fall in love with my lady who is unimaginably sexy and beautiful, the biggest part of war that still continues is the story of missing her.  I didn't know that I would land up missing her so badly, but it does so huge that some time even a day becomes so dry and tasteless when I couldn't get to talk and chat with her.
Usually being in love so tenderly, sincerely, faithfully and with all heart a person took us way far, where no matter what you do, no matter where you are, no matter where you go, a thought of person keeps flooding and drives us crazy each seconds.  The pain of missing is serious sickness where no matter what you do; you just want to get near her. It was my real experience of war after falling in love since for more than one and half year.  Here, I admit being in long distance relationship is the biggest war, but it’s a huge lesson in my life, as I get to discover how much she matters the most and her absence made me realize, how hard the life would be, as day without her showed upon me. (If we really don’t care the presence of anything, we don’t really know the value…it’s the absence that teach us)
Apart from (struggles) the story of missing, it also gave me huge lessons, teaching and understanding of where life really starts.  I don’t know when I really have all this huge impact after being in love, but yeah since from the time, when I started falling, I started learning to grow intellectually, spiritually and physically. I don’t know how far, it depends on the pair in relations, but yeah if there is love, there is always a will to do, there you find a door that open even its close, in fact some might deny with respect to their own status of living and relation, however It’s simple truth that would never die If you start learn to love willingly with a heart despite of your natural emotions.  Feeling of so warm, so much of positive energy, happy and sweet would come emotionally as you start falling but if you really don’t nurture with your emotions, it’s also a thing that can die. Everything in this world is subjected to all this matter of life. That’s what I interestingly found through the road that I traveled.  And yeah without having to mention, everybody witness and understand how everything wither, like the flower to end of spring. we know It’s not that flower really can’t blossom in other season, but it’s not as favorable as in particular month, thus what I really mean is if there isn't a sufficient attention of love, care and prayers everything starts to shrivel, no matter how much rich the world would be. (This is one of the biggest experiences that taught me not just to let emotions come naturally, but to put it into live)
 Without having to mention, people all around the globe must have their own cemented views on life after and before falling in love, and to me it’s something magical, something that I have never been through my life. Being in love is a special gift of strength and energy.  
Yet again there is another interesting part of story; being in relation, one becomes the part of another after falling for each other with all those tremendous emotions of love.  But have you wondered this, you know, no matter how much you’re madly in love, the problem of misunderstanding, jealousy, mistakes, so on never leave anyone. I call this “war of love”.    Spending time together minutes and hour, days and night, weeks and months with each other, some point of times problem arises making heated situation, where we are left with no word’s (speechless) and even if we explain, they don’t care, just as all human being where they try to defend one.  Sometimes it landed up to situations where you become so angry that you even don’t care what ever words come from your mouth.  And yeah almost for more than couples of our problems we landed up to all this situations, but I still know that no matter whether I am right or wrong, I always try to be the first person most of the time to say sorry and she never fails on her part to understand me in the most appreciated way. When I look back through the journey that I traveled with her, no matter how much far, separated we are, being in love gives us the strength to move with time. (I complained for the night being so dark, but if night isn't dark, stars would fail to look so bright and beautiful, that was a feeling she give me, an experience of love that teach and groomed me.)

I still remember how she smile big when i see for the first time, her smile "a krypton" of my heart
(ode to my lady)
I watched moon right above,
Judged over periods with love.
It was all same;
smiling big and beautiful with name.
Saw them lonely always in dark and horror night,
but they smile with light.

{Didn't knew the life has started, but it has already showed on me, it was all her that made me believe when I was yearning. She proved to me always with the strength of smile that rarely withers, I still remember how big she smiles when I saw her for the first time. Being in love and being yours is always the special feeling of blessed that you made me feel, you gave me the light of life that will never fade. You’re everything that I am for.]

It is not a story that I want to show that my relation is big, it’s especially my thankfulness for my lady for teaching me the reality of life, an experience of being in love and a message to the world that;
You will never know when you will fall in love, and when you fall for someone, you will know that it’s something that you have never been through. Preserve and protect what you fall for, for thy it will be only one that will keep you lighted when whole world become dark.