Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Leave fear off to live life
Crawling and fighting over the bygone days,
Reaching the status today,
Some of the things maybe murky
Appearing so dusty,
As the thing you dream and wished,
May not have been achieved,
And may have been destroyed
But never leave and give up so easily,
For thy reason of saturation and weakness
Just as the things may not seem easy as you look
‘Cause in life things aren't that simple to see brilliant colors,
If you think narrower and smaller
So just remember to walk further,
Swim little deeper and keep moving
Fight with no words left to put things off,
No matter how much you suffer,
With countless running tears
After all life is the simple journey,
With so much of tourney,
In the road of hills and valleys,
So reasonably and thoughtfully
Believe in yourself and your power
Everything is just the theme of it,

When story begins and comes by, until it ends.