Thursday, 16 April 2015

I miss you.

Where ever I go, where ever I stay; you’re only one I
have in my mind.
Even in my sleep, you have become my dream.
Yeah, having to stay far from you is tough, yet become worst when I have to live each day with the fear of losing you.
But million’s battle I have to pass before I go to sleep.

Somewhere away from you and home, I am here.
World is new and big, city beautiful and awake twenty four seven,
But without you, everything is charmless.
All I wish is to be with you forever.

Hundreds of morning came and night has passed without you.
Even winter has flew, spring has came and yet summer is about to come,
But still I couldn't see you.
Desperate is my feeling to see you each morning like the first ray of sun and spend each day of my life.

I see millions of people face around,
Flight’s flying above my place now and then.
But still I couldn't see you.
All I wish is to see you beside me now and forever.

Here away from you, I live with each single memory of us,
When you make me run to chase you,
When we sing together hours and hours and millions more- you know well.
Haunted is me, madness is my feeling, crazy is my thought and act.
All I wish is to spend each single day and die old with you.

 "your voice my music, your smile my sunshine,
you are everything that i am happy for."

Night, my day.

It was early morning before my medicinal chemistry exam and after my whole awake night just like many of those warriors who prepares before the battles. 

I started preparing for the exam for long three nights till the next dawn, where my sleeping time started from early morning till the evening time when everybody is awake. It's not that i wanted to, but my sleeping pattern was pathetically disturbed. I don't know myself since when it started, but it's been a long time I wasn't able to sleep at night which i am suppose to like everybody, so most of the time i was using those waking hour to burn the midnight oil for the exam, but i never felt good and okay, because it was totally just the opposite to the  usual life i live each and every day.

Usually i started eating my break fast at around 4 PM in the evening, which is my morning, then i started to flip pages, i started to read and prepare for the exam and my dinner and lunch would be basically around close to midnight. Basically my day was night, moon was my sun and i use to stay whole night just flipping pages, just reading note's, listening to music, going up to the top of building and watching the sky dark dotted with beautiful stars and all this takes me to the dawn; when city awakes.
Early morning yesterday i was just like other night awake preparing for my medicinal chemistry exam, my friends were also awake too till morning busy preparing, as this subject needs a whole lot of preparations, understanding, attention and revision unlike other subjects. Medicinal chemistry is filled with whole lot of drugs that we use daily by each of one us to treat, diagnose and feel better from sickness. When you study medicinal chemistry, it gives you a magic about a particular drugs- it explains you from the simple query,  why this drug is taken particularly for the particular diseases, it answers you why it's counter indicated and it explains even the facets of chemistry, pharmcoanalysis, chemical analysis, that's why it require whole of understanding and preparation for this exam.At around 9 AM i had my chemistry exam yesterday and yeah it went good as much as my preparation deserved,  but the worst thing was, i couldn't even stand for a single hour after my exam, where my eyes were very heavy, my body so tired, felt like i was coming from the war and no sooner i was dead like log on the bed.

When i woke up i could not believe myself, it was 1:00 AM in the morning after i slept at around 2 PM in evening yesterday, and as always i am awake right on the bed right now. I am starting to think, i am not living the life i am suppose to. I miss my home back at BHUTAN, I miss my mom and dad, who always care me and i realize now,  in this life there is nothing as such a special, just being able to live a day like everyone, just being able to sleep at night, just able to eat on time, following daily routine is more than special.

I do got an answer now, why mommy always wake us( my brother who is presently working at MHPA TRONGSA and me ) early in the morning, why she always told to sleep on time, yet we rarely do what she told us. We always fail, waking up after lunch was our style, and she would be sad, seeing us not sleeping on time, not waking on time, not eating on time. It was simple, she want us to live a life each day, seeing and enjoying beauty of each seconds.
Right at this moment, i just wish to finish my exam faster, go back to home and live the life. Waking up early in morning, sleeping on time is worth than anything.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Yesterday was exactly the point from where my eyes were,
I felt so long,
Heavy was my heart, even million song couldn't do a help.
Time has arrived, flew and even transpired.
Leaving with whole sweet battles and pain, but those were my light.
The road to my heart.

Through the journey of yesterday,
Time has left me tired,
Exhausted was my body, even an hour of rest do nothing better.
Time has arrived, flew and even transpired.
Leaving with whole sweet battles and pain, but those were my light.
The road to my heart.

Tonight time has arrived just like before.
War is on the front whether i like it or not.
But at least a gleam on the corner i could see;
With the road i hit,
With the war i fought,
With the pain i endured
 Finally i could see the light, this is gonna take me home... finally a breath.

Friday, 10 April 2015



For the long time when you left me;
I tried walking every road i was given,
I tried smiling every person i passes by,
But inside i was and i am still lonely.

For the long time when you left me;
I tried to cheer with the people around,
I tried to make myself lost doing something,
But inside i was and i am still tortured heavily.

For the long time when you left me;
I tried listening to the musics,
I tried playing the games,
But inside i was and i am still burnt.

Since the long hours without you,
My heart has been still pounding,
My body so thirsty and still sweating,
My mouth still foaming,
I have all those sickness in my head, which hammer me heavily.
I have been a long time without you,
The thing's are still same rough and exhausting since from the point when you left me here.
It's dark like for century, a long night that never cease.