Saturday, 12 November 2016

On the wall

She was gently flawless;
Pure as snow and sweet as honey.
Her voices were music,
And still remember that late winter when his heart got rape,
With those unusual smile like full moon.

Early young day,he use to catch those rising dawn alarmless,
And in half naked would spend hours listening to her early chirp.
Freezing cold didnt even bother him much,
And still picture how he use to be so powerfully affected,
Even beyond the midnight.

I didnt realize his heart was on fire,
Until silence creep in lately,
And when he droop down like october leaves tenderly.
Days by days, i would see him emptier.
and his every voices tearful.

At last to those shimmering candle light,
Just above the lying man on the bed
On the wall,i found his scribbles written red;
"An angel that once took to limitless sky haunt down like a hungry ghost, not even the mountains of soil could bury his carcass or ocean of water could drink his sorrows.