Thursday, 27 March 2014

        She is the only one.

She smile gloriously in all times
Like a never fading memory.
So big an inspirational and energetic it is,
It gives me infinite blessing to keep moving.

She lean her cheek upon her hand,
Peacefully and lightly
So bright and cutely she shows,
It Saves day light for me, whenever I miss when it clouded,

Her peaceful eye's like blossoming lotus,
Unimaginably true make me feel so safe and take me to those beautiful future that I have never imagine,
Yet her hair falls down through cheek so flawlessly without her touch
Giving birth to glorious heaven in a imperfect world,
She is of all, whom I crave for out of millions,
She is and always will be my number one no matter what.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

                                 Simple challenge; the sleepless night

Do we ever imagine within realm of on us, we’re also counted to be a challenge to one self?  Challenges are not always that comes by road, that usually fear us, make nervous and at whole that need a usual force to pass through the deepest darkness to find the source of light.
On 26th of March 2014, skipping my classes, at the early evening, I went with my friends to Sharda University to play an open soccer tournament as invited by one of our brother and that very time, we don’t really have any plans to hold night, but somehow due to some circumstances, we were left with no choices and have to spend a night over our brother’s flat.
 The very night, everything happened so fast except a sleep.  No sooner had we reach the flat from the college than we had early dinner unlike in our place.  And shortly after dinner, there wasn't anything to do, so we all friend’s were engaged in playing cards for an hour and then went off to bed.
The very night, we make ourselves to go to bed early as there wasn't anything to do and playing card repeatedly was also boring, and moreover we were exhausted but our sleep was like a siesta; where after lightly closing my eyes, the single note music constantly disturb in my ear and moreover sucking blood everywhere over the body alarms constantly disturbing sleep. I tried rolling over bed turning right and left, looking up and facing down, covering up with blanket and sometimes trying to remove and of all like summer rain fall, the thoughts came rushing taking everywhere, even to those imaginations that I have never been too and moreover the feeling sleeping at other place is never homely.
After too much struggling, I quit trying and forcing myself to sleep, and then rewind back to a each says spoken an hour ago after a dinner when we got a little spare time, where I questioned three of them; HOW DO YOU FEEL AND WHAT DO YOU FEEL THE MOST HESITANT BEING ON OTHER’S HOUSE? And realize that each of them were giving a rightful views and says on the most common experience of everyone and I knew that every one face the same difficulties trying to adapt oneself and to me that was a simple challenge. You know, to get homely sleep at new place has been always hardest for me and it’s a simple challenge.
Later after five to ten minutes, while I was just trying to focus on thinking’s I heard a silent walking footsteps, as the room was so quiet (except the creaking sound of fan) and you know, what surprises the most at that time was, my friend kipchu who usually sleep at right time, who easily get doze off to sleep and who wake up on time, struggling to sleep like me coming over us, (my another friend chimi and me as we’re sleeping on one bed) asking for company and the very funniest thing was kipchu said that “ I knew you too would have been also struggling like me trying to catch sleep”  and yup no sooner, we sneaked out silently outside to the terrace to talk and spend time there until sleepiness over ride us, despite the hesitant. And after not even an hour we came back and then again went to bed, but the same situation, I wasn't really getting a sleep, the thoughts too start rushing as I start to sleep, the feeling never made me feel homely and additionally the mosquitoes that keep guarding whole night never made me sleep. 
By then it was almost midnight, but still there was no sleepiness.  I ask chimi to let us go back to terrace  again to talk, share stories and come back at around 2 am hoping by that time, we would get sleep. But he didn't listen and force himself to get to sleep, while kipchu and me sneaked out again back to terrace and even climb to the most top attic to enjoy the beauty of night, the beauty of sky and to cherish the magic of silence. 
We sat over the walls, talked and shared each other about the life, struggles, duty and mostly about the love relations and this took us too 4 am and then we went back to room and slept.
That very night was the longest night for the fight of sleep for both of us and that’s where I came to realize,  challenges are just in and around the corner and even in realm of within us.
             I guess, to catch sleep at some where new place like we sleep in home would be a simple challenge for many, though it might not be that crazy like us.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Growing up, able to stand on the feet and walking away from crawling, as a child, many have number of crazy thoughts, a raw passion and green desire at those times to do infinite things despite being too young to understand things and when I look back from the time when we crawled, raised , grown up into this time ; those were the time where we really discover , groom our interest and what we really enjoy, what we really are happy with, and everyone vividly understand that things that got inspired, wanted to do in the childhood and those young  dreams have been always a bulls’ eye.
 I am also one of those crazy fellows, one of a millions whose childhood dreams and joy still blossom in heart and desperately want to do. Back to those years of 2002, when I was a naughty kid, when I even don’t know how to distinguish what I like and not, from the middle out of millions, I have chosen and always been a passionate footballer and still a dream to play and move forward become my simple pleasure even now as a men.
 I clearly cut out that, I don’t really have big dreams, big success like the great one’s but yup I definitely admit the truth that I have been always looking to write the journal of my story of getting grown, groomed  to a passionate soccer player.
………………..with the last bell, like from the peak of the academic building, packing everything, I would rush to the school soccer field with ball and that too, a ball knitted and produce from the wastes and all. And I would wait for my friends to turn up and we would always play a random game and those time, usually a person who can kick high as much as he can was really considered a big footballer to us and those time’s were really a fun, a days of crying too; where we fall down and scratch our knees, where we injured our leg and cry. Not that I was only interested in playing football but I was also lucky to get good ambiance for learning, an inspiration from my own dad, who has been always of one my football fan and my brother who would always join me in playing  as he was also one of a ‘dying fan of footballer’.
Its bit incongruity, usually kid’s sleep early and more time, but for me I watched late night soccer match with brother and dad, when my mommy has gone to sleep and it has been most of the time a usual thing for me and they very next day as soon as I woke up, I would certainly go with the ball, trying to do some tricks and dribble seen from the Television and it has been always that way.
In 2002, luckily I got to play a tournament of intra school match between primary school and that time, the feeling when we get to dress into a team jersey for the first time is awesome and on the top of the earth and it was just unforgettable, where it opened me the door to be a simple footballer and yup playing in the ground of crowd was yet exciting and nervous too, certainly one of the nostalgic moment of life.
By then as the year passes, everything started getting better and beautiful. Of all, my dad was also the one who inspired me totally into this field, where he always love to see my brother and me playing in the matches and usually whenever he go outside he would bring us football jersey, boots and all as a gift and it has been always the best days to see my dad cheering, inspiring and supporting and that very feeling when I get to see a dad cheering for us (brother and me) out of crowd in playing matches was so touching and beautiful and  in other hand that worry me was , my mommy never want to see us playing, as she worry too much, as she care so much and as she never stand to see us injured, scratches everywhere on the body and bleeding's  and came to understand only at this time upon remember her say “zag pa ma chang sho yeg pa ma nai, o mai football zong bhi ley na; which literally means to listen to her say and to understand how much mommy care.
With passing times, despite not too much skills, I was lucky enough to play as team In all most all school where I did my primary, lower, middle and higher schooling and yup definitely found a better way in developing and understanding the free skills and enjoyed playing number of matches and winning medals and cups too during those times.
By now it’s all most the 13 years of playing soccer and it has always been the best game of all to me and the part of thing which has never out grown from me and coming to India here, it has also been a best part of stuffs in football, where I get a chance to play with number of different people across the globe and luckily it get a real platform to develop new skills, discover weakness and implementing and learning to be a good footballer.
Looking back from the time 2002 to 2014 right now, playing football, learning football and teaching football has been always the joy that keeps growing green and having an appetite for football has always been inspiring in thousands and millions ways. It not only enhance the power of your skill, satisfy your joys, but It has been always the greatest opportunity in life to understand the number of people, an opportunity to open the door to show cast our self a good and passionate footballers and that train our mind and keep us healthy, Indeed 13 years of playing soccer gave thousand reason’s to be proud of being passionate footballer and my dream's will never out grown. 

  "Playing football with feet is one thing, but playing football with heart is another." 

Friday, 21 March 2014

“World so big and huge and we exist as a single entity like an atom packed in a single molecule. There are thousands of things that happened, happens and happening around us along the road of our moving life every day and night.”
This is a sort of messages to all the people around the globe, cause’ I am pretty sure of all this happenings to each of us and our wish toward this exact things. 
I don’t exactly remember why and how I choose over to scribble on this stuff, but yup it so happen today in the very early morning at around 3 am making myself busy over this piece, when everyone around me was drop to silent, dark and peaceful and indeed I know it has something so treasury for the world.
3 ante meridian in the morning, a sudden thoughts and feeling sprung up on why we really hate especially when the things are taken for granted? Usually, I sleep at late night and most of the time; I land up fighting over those feelings, suddenly that sore my neck over too much too much big head.
Let me take a story into account, you know when we’re child, back to those times when we’re almost stoned, where we don’t know what we’re exactly doing, what we really feel and other feel, most of the time, it happens to many , say for example on the birthday times when dad and mom gift the stuffs that are not of your taste, we do usually have a tendency to cry, nag, and get onto unbelievable acts. But we never know how much treasure it is for, indeed being child, we’re too young to understand over all those stuffs. But interestingly not only it happens during all those times, but even after getting grown up, getting a feeling, understanding the world; we never care sometimes over this stuff.
Believe me or not? But when things that it means to you so much with love and care, peace and joy , hard work and determination are taken for granted, it gives an excruciating pain and usually it vibrates inside us like hell and land up thinking why it has to be this way? Why he/she really can’t understand better? Or Am I so poor?  Making a hard pressure on oneself with such crazy thoughts that rushes like thousands times, with abnormally beating beats and panting. 
It was a sort of an answer that starts flickering in my mind, over the question not so long ago when this incident took place in the class. I don’t exactly remember when it happens, but yup it happened on one of unlucky Wednesday when I was submitting an assignment for IT practical. I really don’t know how to describe, but yup it was funny, irritating, and lot sort of mixed feeling sprung up when my teacher took her 5 to 10 minutes of time from class hour to check over our assignment, which took more than 1 to 2 days to for us to complete it browsing over net, researching and all. Not really to be taken into account of mine although I wrote it with passion and hard work. You know why? A hard working, dedicated, serious and simple guy of my same batch, has taken all his effort  whole of the week to write and complete to give into one of the finest assignment, but it was like a huge blow over his work looking at the teacher taking 5 minutes in checking 40 to 46 students assignment that too comprising of numbers of pages. And that was what I lately discover early morning why he really was pissed off?
 A short incident that I share was a sort of a minute level but in life, there are thousands of stuffs above this, equal or low happening like this and have you ever taken a minute of your time in life imagining and feeling how it would be when things are taken for granted? Anyway not to say much, for me it’s something acrimonious and bittersweet. Sometimes I am worried, in fear and already beating what if the most important person, the most important things in your life is taken simply for granted from you, Whatever you have build it with love, care, passion, joys and everything that cost. Sometimes, world is so cruel but might have the cemented reasons of explanations.