Thursday, 24 September 2015

Everybody need love

Yeah, i am a men,
But drawn and magnified;
     To a king,
     To a soldier,
     To a lion,
     To every big and strongest character.
But i am not a rock.
Indeed i still need you.
    You to kiss me through  all the days that comes by,
    You to hug me through all the night that comes by,
    You to care me through all the time when i need,
    You to teach me in all the wrong times that comes by
    You to support me in all the times when i am weak,
Because you are my every thing;
    My crown,
    My arm,
    My kingdom,
And all of you is my womb of where my bravery born.
You are my confidante, a wing that i need to fly.


This piece of poem is written in one of my cold and desperate college days.
I know it's not as good and beautiful as those influential poets around, but this is basically dedicated to all those people who struggle for all that little love and to those people who are in distanced relationship fighting for the time-a biggest time which they wait for, to  change all their life story into a beautiful one.
In this world, most men and women usually don't open themselves and most of the time, when it comes to relation they hold thing's to the certain extreme that they even get tired and exhausted.  a question is, who is there in this world who don't need love and care?
Acting strong and holding up to things even if you have a place to share makes you no strong then wearing within oneself, an emotional stress can't be dissolved neither be erased until it is suffice by the love that you long for.
A men is strong human being, but still he needs genuine affection and love. It require all that feeling of magic(love) to make everything beautiful and feel good.

Monday, 21 September 2015


Furious waves against front,
Roar consistently loud.
The lightening through dark sky catastrophically electrifying,
 With storm and thunder terrifying.
It was dark as the hell could be,
And heavy rain made it worst.

He groan like thunder in extreme pain,
But rickety leg still keeps up
His texture was lost into blood and mud,
His spirits were destroyed,
His resistance collapsed,
His motivation faded,
His energy exhausted,
His faith lost,
But in the midst of terror , wars and demons,
He still fought with a hope,
A hope that would kiss him one day with happiness.

Friday, 18 September 2015


Catastrophic failures:
Like mist through walls,
Storm every now and then,
A battle born,
The journey is tough,
To peak failure rob and
At point feel melted down

A pregnant mind of malformed:
Bred thoughts,
Alarmed emotions and
Suffocate breath.
So much it wounds,
Even unpacking the trusted soldier,
A pregnant mind of rickety thought.

All mighty,
Hear those stories
And bless with light.
To the ultimate,
let them discover;
         'It's okay to get burnt down,
         It's okay to fall down,
          It's okay to be broken.
It's all the blessing that makes you stronger the next dawn fall.
                                          [a men who passes storm becomes steel]
It's basically the true motion of life that test you always how much stronger you are.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Forty Eight Hours.

My mind, pages of a book of my body,
My senses scribble over it consistently,
Millions of storms,
I feel consumed yet there isn't an end.

Who would stare to the watch whole night,
When world is dark and dead.
But thousand of time, my tireless eye does in search of what i really don't know,
And yet i am devastated when whole world awakes,

I am all consumed all bit and pieces,
Still dawn light didn't save me yet,
The longest and deepest of sleep i seek
But limitless energy keep me wide open which i never find when i want to close.

What is so wrong?
I try to settle down for the quickest answer i could find,
Yet i am blank, devastated and consumed,
So big, a hell swallowed me throughout.

Sunday, 6 September 2015


Her heart as ocean drank,
So less to say and easily she could hide.
like the blow of air to the candle light.
Yet seed sown in my field never grew.

Water on heat, 
Was her blood I could feel in veins, 
Her roars i could hear in tremor,
But it's so less  could get.
Yet the seed sown never give me surprise.

My storm,
How she would calm several times,
So big I expected I can calm too.
But the time has never shown.
Her demon never troubles me but those tiring eye does.

Saturday, 5 September 2015


Cold in summer,
Scalp to toe nail,
To all extremities.
A hell.
Loud and active,
Busy is the city outside,
But silence has engulfed like a storm.
Darkness in day,
Deep and intense within my walls,
But sleep is out somewhere,
The disaster.
The air so thin,
Yet iced, it's hard to breath.
It's only my pen and walls that see me.
‪#‎ to all lonely days that's hard to digest.