Monday, 21 August 2017

Faded name

Along her dense and thin,
Curve and bend,
Fall and rise,
I adjusted like dog, a real humble one.
Admit! i was one dedicated ferocious soldier,
lifting all load on shoulder,
Fighting all battles,
Despite crumbling weight,
And yes, i married victory and won the pride.
But now i am struggling fixing sins,
Wrestling with pain,
But all journey i drove by:
I find myself low,
Pride broken,
Victory shrinking,
And people ask me if i am doing fine?
I tell, only if those victories i fought for, do worth for poor.

Bad weather find sparks in you

Erosion uprooting,
Hurricane blowing,
Heat burning,
Tremor shaking,
The worst swim deep right through your core,
Spreading everywhere.
Severely despair at end,
Energy less to grind.

Stories only to find;
Your strength,
Your dreams,
Your journey
To find the beast within you:
Where it follows and stands every following day.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Where do i belong?

Fuck! she shouted loud at the peak of voice,
Her hand weaving hard and rough through her long messed hair,
She beat her head hard.
And everything near her was a ball.
She was deafen, even the noisiest truck was silent to her.
but all she could feel was rumbling thoughts running wild,
Grief rooting inside all part.

Slowly she sat down heavily on the chair,
Puffing like the chimney in the name of heavy breath,
Catching a glass of drink with hope to fill up her void.
But nothing did sooth.
Instead, fear like emotions keep volcanic.

Fuck, holy mother of god,
She broke a bottle with winning worries,
and hand injured, she painted wall with red blood,
where do i belong?

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Six days of life.

Dew on the hanging leaf blade,
Carpeted frost on the ground,
and those ripples on the pond,
Twitches the the pulse,
Until it fades.
And then you forgot the pleasure they gave,
With its sink.

Do you ever realize more is never enough for us.
The questions in our head are thunderous,
But answers are limited,
Resolutions are stagnant.
And we keep searching with no definition,
And then we're answer-less to oneself,

Why we making it hard?
'Because we're never okay until we see something bold,'
Why waste time on bad days?
'Because we're weak, we can't live the shit out that consume us.
At last we're huge jungle carnivore, always hungry and preying,

Walk through the country road,
Watch those tall standing tree; it's branches, leaves, barks.
Watch those prayer flags flapping; the wooden flag pole, cloth piece.
Watch those attire you and I wear; hats, shirts and shoes.
And we find breathtakingly enriching,
But sadly we never see, falling branches, falling leaves and useless bark of the tree,
Even we don't see the torn prayer flag and weaken pole,
Forget about the clothes we dress.
Only we do when it beat us cold and empty.

That's why we abundantly forget the daylight,
When darkness come roaring,
And we richly become stranger to simplicity
When issues grow complicating,
Don't wave yourself like changing tide,
Understand yourself and bark.
The message is simple as you know;
Don't search your happiness to hurt you and others,
Understand, nothing last including yourself, so give yourself all, don't leave barren,
And at last your happiness is yourself, so find within.

Life is long journey,but short as subliming dew you'll never see.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

The brush with new air.

like the shield of turtle,
Baggy hook on all over the head,
I walked across the city road side.
The evening breeze was gently blowing,
Teasingly kissing all over my naked skin.

Like those of flickering candle flames,
Low evening sun rays shimmer through the dusted air
And winged creature floating high in air,
I watched them dancing and singing faintly in the rhythm of dying daylight.
Nervously losing myself into the calmest brush of thoughts.

Ripples like on the ponds my blood pumped gently,
With slowest beat comparatively to those of classical music,
Like i could read all the beat in her cycle.
All those injected drunk in my thought,
And i was dancing in the beat of new rhythm.