Monday, 12 January 2015

Experiences and how really i feel being in love? 

1. What is the most single experience being in love?
- Being love is something undefinable, something huge and like you have seen a light only after century.
Being in love and be loved is totally special, spiritually blessed and the reasons of happiness that you have struggled each single minute in numerous days.  The experience of being in love is, i always find a reason, an energy when ever  i am in deficit to live to fullest. Love is magical.

2. What is the greatest battleship in "a war of love" that ultimately turns to make you believe, life is beautiful? 
- Out of hundred and one, one biggest battle ship is being far away " a distance".
Being far away from love, getting haunted with each single conversation, touches of kisses and soft hugs, crazy stuffs that i do with my lady is the biggest war. When all those memories come flooding with conditioned, being unable to touch and feel becomes the greatest suffering. In fact, all those turns to a beautiful reason where it clearly gave me message , it's a stepping stone for the glory for a time to come. all we need is patience.

3. It's true that in every relation , sometime's there comes a storm and lightening, how do you react and what you do?
- It's an undeniable truth, the truth that will never die.
Yeah, it happens sometime where all those situation exhilarate your breath, heart beating arrhythmically, and suddenly when full heart comes to your mouth leaving you speechless, not knowing what exactly to say.
How i react is, yeah at certain i turn so hot, where all those lovely, emotional feeling comes as an anger, but i control, controlled in such way that i don't even speak the commonest slang that we speak when we are angry, and would remember, recollect all those seconds, minutes, hour, days, weeks, month and years that took time to grow so attached inconsiderable of the natural feeling of love, there by i negotiate with the same feeling of love, care, and joy which is just powerful to melt down everything to calm and peaceful.
"imperfection is totally beautiful indeed."

4.What is the craziest memories within your boundary of love?
- huh, :) there is hell lot, lot and more than anything. But i would probably avoid speaking private for now.
Alright, the craziest memories are, in short;
When i make her run and chase doing all those crazy stupid little things,
When i carry her and feel those soft drum beats of heart on my back,
When i couldn't hear her faint, low recorded voices in the messenger clearly and suddenly when i put into woofer and listening again and again each bit of words.
When i do all those stupid little thing like addressing and make her sing.
When there is love, we become younger than a child, happy than the happiest. that's the power of "love"

5.When do you realize , when love is not just a attachment, but beyond the actual meaning?
- Every conversation that we made all along irrespective of topics, and when she share every day to day activities, problems  expecting me to give suggestion, expecting me to help her find solution and generally when she finds me out as a skeleton for the body i realized that love is bigger.
Secondly, every 4 months when i get to meet her, looking into her eyes, kissing and hugging her softly getting long lost,  the actual heaven just picture right in front of my eyes and that feeling is just huge beyond compass of boundary.

6. When did you fall in love and into relationship?
-I met thousand girls, girls with different types of intellect and socialization and yeah i have been in relationship with few, but the truth is i have never felt like what i use to feel now.  Those feeling's were all raw and plain, just like a child's love , must be as a teenage love, that's why i don't even remember when and how i got into all those stories.
I have an another story, story of innocent and simple love, where i fall into her but the most unbelievable thing was none of us initiate like the usual love story where they begin. Just that every single minute we chat and broke into laughter suddenly makes me feel way different- basically a warm and touched. I don't know how i fall into her, but i am sure i did and still does when i see her beautiful face, those aphrodisiac smile, those cute little eye, and generally all with the whole of parts, but in the beginning i have avoided disclosing my feeling, not that i wasn't confident but i thought it would probably look like i was flirting with her, which i don't want her to think that way ever.
But with the time, as i have always thought "love starts with all those simple discovery of willingness and joy" Not only me, Not only her, we both fell into love and i still can't describe how that night was big to me.  I felt happy, complete more than the perfect piece.
That was 13th January, 2013 where i fell into love with my innocent beautiful lady.

7. What do you aspire for now and future?
-I Always want her to know that;
To have a girl friend like her who cares, love me in the most special way and who is always there when i am in need is really a big. i just can't describe.
A message to her;
Every time i need you,
Every time i just need you to be safe and well protected when i am far,
Every time i need you to know "you're beautiful and totally sexy, i just love you so much.
and yeah i loved you, will love you and wanna die old with you.