Thursday, 17 March 2016

An Open Letter To Mind.

Dear mind,

Well, I am aware of limitless length you can travel tirelessly, an unlimited height you can fly and ocean of volume you can drink with the numerous external stimuli that trigger you each single second.

As your body find a place on old chair in cool air conditioned room, embracing the deepest silence inhaling peacefully, I understood how suddenly you wish to be like a cup of formless water that sits in front of you when your window photographed for you.
It’s interesting here too, when few days back when your body was laid down on a naked ground facing perpendicularly to the sky and when you suddenly wish to be like those of spring birds dancing musically in an open sky.
Here is serious question? Like you can travel, fly and capture, I wonder if you’re able to reach below, under you and see whats going.

A mother of your body(heart) tirelessly do the job with the listless wishes you made. And I appreciate how much he can drink, stand up all the battles he face to get to where he want. But sometimes, no matter how much he try he is helpless, no matter how much he is sure he is clueless, no matter how much he has plan he is nowhere , things fail terribly unexpectedly and nobody understand. I feel terrible looking at the drunken heart unable to fulfill your innumerable list of what you wish.
At the end of day, looking at the heavy heart, burning lungs when they set slowly with sun and when nothing work out despite unending energy I feel terribly shaken like earthquake tremor.

Brain, you think bulk like mountains, feed heart with infinite desires and when things get stagnant, it consume whole of the everything. I realized, doing one thing successfully is more than wishing of so many thing’s and nothing made.
Next time, its totally fine even if you start thinking beyond imaginations, beyond the fences and horizon of limit like you always do but don’t wish for what is impossible.

An old mother sinks day by day with infinite unfulfilled wishes like the fading smokes in the open naked sky.

Your sincerely,

"You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus."

Sunday, 13 March 2016


Deep bluish azure sky above,
Scented breeze of mother nature,
Whistling music of winged creature,
And blossoming varied color of flower,
Has begun to paint and shower.

Astounding marriages of beauties has stolen infinite,
Even the angriest tide is at ease,
And thousand another intoxicated
Robbing all mourns.
And young sunshine has rose and started to shower.

The thousand feet happily dances in joy,
And strings of heart plucked unconditionally,
The season of beauty has finally arrived.
And Harmonious joy has overflowed beyond the boundaries.
The spring is in the air.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Final Days

Lately, with time approaching and drawing closer for even my last semester for the final years of my final days in college, half of my part starts getting sick and lonelier and I guess I already miss innumerable list of crazy things that I did together with my friends.

I am not sure if everybody feels the same, but I am drunk along the memory lane and my heart weeps pathetically missing all the sweet days.

It was one cold evening at around 5 pm, when I returned to my room from faculty. I was quite exhausted and with cup sip of water, I was on bed with a booklet which I write random stuffs starting from my class notes and all of sudden, with growing silence, tired body, empty room, my heart started to perceive the sad note sending huge transmissions to ceiling of my temple and I felt kind of empty, lonely and incomplete. The word of poem below represents my map of feeling inside.

Days run shorter,
Night empty and lonelier,
The road become tougher,
And shoulder slowly heavier.

Silence grew louder,
Room gets emptier,
The air become thinner,
And breathe slowly shorter.

Thing’s now get older,
And drunken heart sank in blue with old memories.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Morning Alarm.

His lazy hand rub his sticking eyelids and get over mobile to slide over several times to mute the disturbing morning alarm.

Earlier, this morning twenty minutes to nine after I got freshen up, dressed and collecting my notes for the days work, I made my way to my friends room to cook something to eat for the breakfast.There, he was like a piece of dead log, sweetly enjoying his sleep when I step into his room.

With ten minutes I got in my hand I rush as fast as cheetah for preparing breakfast and fortunately there was some packets of five instant cooking noodles saved which happily gave me plenty time from the limited. As soon as I begin making breakfast his alarm buzzed at the loudest pitch waking him. His lazy hand rub his sticking eyelid and later stretched to get over mobile and slide over to mute the alarm and there he cover the blanket head to toe gathering warmth and continued sleeping.

2 Minutes later, again his alarm buzzed as earlier and repeatedly he did the same getting over mobile and muting off. I was just laughing to myself catching a note on my hand with thoughts of my actions too, 'of repeated battle of alarm in lazy morning'.

5 minutes passed, I did my job well done cooking noodles as fast I expected and simultaneously my friend was busy sleeping and battling with alarm for the third time. It was naughty as nitrous oxide making me laugh.

I questioned him, If he was going to class following each alarm, but his sleep looked to me like it has even reach to every muscles and nerve sweetly; so much engrossed that even earthquake won't reach him. :)

By then, it was almost 9 am when I have my last spoon of noodles and finally when my friend successfully woke up after 4-5 ringing alarms.
following a minute later, I headed to my faculty wishing him a "good day" and playing with him saying 'you did a great job, and yeah alarm won a war against your sleep.' :)

P.S: Sangay, it was a good day to begin with laugh and so much fun watching you battle repeatedly with alarms. :)
(Who never did came across this battle?
I think, everyone of us must have been through this situation and sometime's it's crazy right? fighting over the alarm that we set ourselves. Actually I think our mind is the trade of everything.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016


Yesterday, it was good.
Today, unpredictable worst flooded,
Even the air I inhale is suffocating,
And the beauty I always see is blurred.

The joy has been corrupted,
And the colors faded.

Eerie silence has begun their music of loudest anthem,
And even those nosiest cricket are deaden with those rhythm.
The silence, every minute is deepened,
And cold has sharpened.

All I could feel is pumping heart beat
And the wrestling thoughts.