Sunday, 31 January 2016


Day swallowed,
Night on full ride,
World deeply caught in silence.
Dull moon wavers smoothly.
Across the shoulders of earthly abundance.
Through the canopy of leaves,
Through the window panes,
Across the flowing waves of ocean,
But hardly was sketch on ground;

Like a child's art.
Until the darkest night offers him the brightest light.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Bad Day.

Couple of week ago during my semester vacation, as usual I was accompanying my princess to drop her to the bus station on her way back to home after her office work.  The winter evening was ruled by cold, clouded sky and busy town, where whole of my attentions were drawn by the freezing cold that penetrated even to the reach of bone shivering my body abnormally. 

On way back rushing to home, as it happen I met one of my good friend in the middle of town. We had fairly conversation about random topics and some minute later we decided  to go to one nearby restaurant for the cup of coffee and were having some usual talk about our day to day life activities. It was a sweet moment for both of us having to spend an hour together talking and sharing on infinite topics after such long duration after we graduated from higher secondary, though it was short time.

He was on his way back to home after a long awaited day at hospital from the morning. I asked him ‘what really the matter was.’  

He responded “Nothing serious. Actually a year ago, I had a cut in my feet while playing soccer and I have a pain which I didn’t experience till now.” 

With gasp, he continued, “You know, rather of coming in relieve i am really pissed with a doctor today.”

Why? What happen? I asked him.

He replied me, “I waited enduring with all of my energy for the whole day with hope for a good checkup, and as my number was called, I got a chance to meet a doctor, but that wasn’t as good as I expected to be”

“You know, in respect to my poor national language, somehow I shared my problems and issue to a doctor with Dzonglish( English and Dzongkha mixed) for his better understanding of my problem saying ‘it’s a year ago when I had a cut in my feet and up till now I didn’t have a serious infections as such, but kha tsha kham nyim lay na ne gho tshu yi la (I got pain starting from past few days) . But do you know what doctor told me. Instead of firstly taking my problems into consideration, he humored me saying “oh choe ghi dzongkha ma shep drey si no yi, she bhay bha tay mosh” (I thought you don’t know Dzongkha, but you did speak right?)  I couldn’t believe my ears seeing a professionalized man humoring me and moreover I didn’t see a problem speaking a language if it makes sense to him.

‘Yeah damn true’ with smile I responded him.

Chuckling, he continued again “ Knowing the fact he isn’t really in a favor of a patient speaking English, I regard my problems in Dzongkha trying my best after he prescribed me medicine saying, if I have to worry about the pain or not?  But that was again more sick to my skull when he responded very rudely saying ‘When you could wait for a year, can’t you simply do that for five days?’

I broke into huge irresistible laughter.

He then continued "Seriously its a truth and he did responded like that and I really couldn’t believe when such words are spoken by the educated people and moreover he was a doctor, a noble profession as his carrier was.” and at last smilingly softly he said“maybe his bad day and my bad luck”

I felt sorry him after hearing story of all his awaited day for the checkup and when what he has waited for wasn’t up to what he was waiting for as a patient.

By then, it was already 6 PM in the evening when we stood up from the chair and as we wave good bye to each other, he jokingly teased me saying “don’t be a jerk when you’re working in a hospital” and with laughter at peak we departed.

P.s; Not my intention to hurt or harm feeling of anyone with the story but as a medical student I believe, whole package of good prescription and treatment won’t also be able suffice to treat a disease if a patient isn’t given a sufficient hope and advises they seek. 

Thursday, 21 January 2016


Despite the lazy cold weather and monotonous schedules it turn to be quite a magic of one hour that really was energetic and sweet.

Right after my lunch, I was with group friends waiting for the lecturer to come by to take the scheduled class. My mood was dimmed, but forced myself to go as day would waste sweetly as just rest of the weekends that slips so fast.

5 minutes to 2 PM, an aged man entered into our class. He was dressed plain and simple like the rest of the ordinary man. Once, i thought he was just like other lab assistant who most of the time would be very frank and would come to talk with students about random topics to pass their time. But to my surprise, he was a new lecturer who was going to take our pharmacology class. And moreover, he totally surprised me with the way he speak and interact with the students. Unlike other, he speak a good English, a fluent English which most other Indian lecturer would bored us with half of Hindi which we really don't understand though they would have a good subject knowledge.

It turn to be one lucky day and a good class as a student which i prefer.
As we have just resume the session couple days ago and moreover with the ongoing GPAT exam for the master course, most student hasn't turn for the class with strict schedules, so for the first time, it gave us a good quality time to interact and share our knowledge with lecturer individually and make best use of his hidden knowledge. Additionally, he fluently speak a good English with the good subject knowledge which fueled our interest in the lazy cold hour.

45 minutes has passed so swiftly with full energy and focus after learning on chemotherapy basically with regards to antibiotics( antibacterial). I wish if i could prolong a bit of time :) just as others when i heard their say right after the class.

With full energy he induced on us, we were waiting for the next Biopharmaceutical class.
Suddenly one of my Iranian friend who was just sitting behind me came talking to me about the lecturer who is going to take our upcoming class who was our previous semester Pharmacognosy Lecturer.
He told me, "Tashi, the lecture that is going to take this class looks exact similar like Panda right? But have you ever thought of or do you know his name?"
To my surprise, i didn't even know his name and told him, No i don't, but yeah i do know his nick name just as what other students refer him to.
He laugh out loud and told me " man, you know his name, though you aren't aware"
I asked him 'how'?
He smile broad and told me, "It also happen to me since last semester, until i saw his name on one of our Indian class mate manual" With curiosity and surprise, i asked him what? I was bit curious by the way he acted and way he laugh to his peak.
He said, " you know, i also thought Panda was his nick name as he bear quite a similar face, but came to know last semester as his real name was also Panda."
It was unbelievable to my ear, but it was a truth. :) and i broke into huge laughter.

A lazy day ended with smile and laugh. It was a sweet day.

P.S: Not my intention of writing to harm/hurt the feeling and neither of making fun, but i included to my blog as it was quite a good day that ends well with sweet and unexpected things.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Beautifully brighten,
Colored all with lively green.
Yet majestically adorned with sweetness.

Was those marriages of abundance.

Mountain happiness was at peak.
Freedom was like sky above us,
And yet weather was amazing,

Was those freedom and joys.

With fading sunlight,
Shortening days,
Abundance grayed into blue,
And nothing was rich.

Old find's everyone,
Abundance ceases and
So is a valley to a mountain.

Sunday, 17 January 2016


It was one Saturday cold morning in the row of final week of last month for two thousand fifteen.

After like four months of my semester, I was back at Bhutan spending my vacation at Thimphu. Usually I don’t go to Bhutan during the semester breaks as my holidays are so less; that half of holidays get done just to reach home during the long journey, but this time vacation just welcomed me.

My journey back to home this time was totally unplanned and like sweetest gift from heavenly sky which excites me illuminating and radiating inside with so much of joys that I couldn’t hold. In particular, 2015 had been really challenging and harsh, even the final days in row even didn’t spare me that was why; I was like really happy when I get to go to home to rest after such a tiring semester.

It was one of the coldest month in Delhi when I appear my seventh semester exam, when my brain were almost derange, when my body was continuously consumed, and when I wish “ a vacation away from heavy life”. Luckily, like god was watching over me, unbelievably he granted my wish on the very final day; Where my parents want me to come to Bhutan to look after kids as whole of families has planned for the pilgrimage to Bodhgaya and moreover my lady had also encourage me to come up which she often rejects if she thinks, it’s a waste of time or unnecessary.  It was indeed a sweetest gift which thrilled me overwhelmingly.

It was one Saturday cold morning in the final week of the last month for two thousand fifteen just after two days of my reach at capital city.  The winter cold was at the maximum; even the thickest shield did no good to keep warm. A sweet kisses of cold on toe nails, fingernails, breath of insufficient oxygenated cold air keep always stuck at home which in fact was a favorable time to be like a cat guarding the warmest place, basically becoming one warm-maniac.

29/12/2015, Languidly my princess and myself woke up  like at around thirty minutes to ten in the morning, only when sun shower the earth  following the late night sleep, after watching one recently screening Bhutanese movie at city cinema theatre with my aunt and uncle.  Ensuing, we came out to bask sun as we couldn’t bore the medium of cold flowing air in the room. Usually in the morning, the room would be very cold, like freezing.

Outside the house my uncle was basking sun watching over his one year old kid. Later, we joined him and were conversing following many random topics with cup of coffee each on our hand warming ourselves. Suddenly like after ten to fifteen minute, our attention was drawn by sharp resonating painful cry of puppy just below the road where we were standing.   At first instant, we thought puppies were playing as mother dog was nearby with group of other around her. Soon she left to the field nearby from the place where they made noise with group of her child following her, but the noise didn’t stop from the place. Following, my uncle ask me to check the nearby place once.
I walked down 3 meter steep slope to the nearby fence. The place was bit bushy, but enough to see the dog trails and anything in the place except the micron size particles. Nearby by broken fences, I saw puppy stuck between bamboo fence and large wooden plank.  It looks to me like it has happened that very night when he was sleeping with his family.  Watching closely, he was in a big double trouble; a cold which numb his body, stopping his physical movement.  Even the frothing foam with evaporating exhale of warm breath has started from his mouth and his body was pulsating tremendously. And other hand, he was stuck between the fence and his inability of physical movement with freezing cold has left no choice for him. A situation almost like when your fingertips were just pulled out from the icy water  and accidentally something hit on it, such was his situation,‘numb and senseless.’

Without waste of a minute, I grasp softly from his skin just behind the neck and bought on sun even if the warmth of morning sun was too little for fighting cold.  Hurriedly my lady, uncle and I did best of everything by giving him the warmest place to catch his breath, where we made fire nearby and even my lady spared her woven soft and warm cotton muffler untying from her neck . Later, aunt also fed him with some warm milk, but his body was pulsating and drumming irregularly. The winter cold has beaten him so harshly that I also took hard time to breathe watching him struggle with long inhale of cold air and trembling body. To my dismay, I thought he is not gonna make.

After an hour, he woke up breathing freely and  happily on his dancing feet ran searching his mother.

I can't put a thought how many more of animal must have been struggling with a cold freezing winter, and yet, we better thinking humans can't do any help to relieve them.