Sunday, 28 February 2016

Only If I've Wings.

I am tired of living within the fences of limits,
And yet suffocated in-out in this sophisticated place.

I wonder how it’s like to have wings to fly.
I wonder how it’s like to have voice to roar.

Or is it a time that transform everything slowly?

Sometimes how I wish to photograph the lonely and naked night,
The only most part when you swim in the ocean of freedom.

Haven’t you wonder how it’s like to be a bird in a naked sky?
Or a free flowing stream down through the valley?

I share those open naked sky,
I share those open naked valley,
With those winged and formless.
But still I feel clothed.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Season of life.

Young as early spring,
Born sweet and beautiful,
Thoughts pure and clean,
Such a neat birth.
Extraordinarily amazing he breath a life.

Challenges as new puzzles,
Life gave him the game.
His thoughts rumbled.
Such a breathless he felt,
A poisonous venom like struggle he face.

And through the gates of long road,
As he passes by;
Days were getting older,
Shoulder heavier.
and tides scarier,
Vast as ocean he feel the battle with all breath in mouth.

Until when he meets a free flying bird in the open sky,
His heavy head got freed.

Monday, 15 February 2016

She found me.

She is new as the morning sunlight,
Green as the spring leaves,
Gentle as the evening breeze.

She put me on the float like dandelion in air.

Her whole flips thousand pages in my brain.
An enormous newness I feel in my heart,
Ripples in my blood sweet and magnetized.

Autumn fall is my love.

And Like those music that sooth,
Nature that steal infinite sight,
She stole all of me.

And I am here one howling wolf.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Harsh night.

Bed crushed, if crushable.
With average roll on double.
The wind bell like noise on loudest ring,
And those of rainfall thoughts like pendulum swung.

The paint of thought on the sky of my body,
Made my breath dirty.

With significant breath of air dose,
Endured along.
Resisting with eye closed.
Reserved optimum energy on red.

The warmth of body at peak,
With ocean of blood on rush.
Yet another season of harsh night on the row.
The tide has risen!

Friday, 5 February 2016

Life and Reality.

Naked feeling bloomed from the naked heart after couple of days of experimentation with dose of daily activities that dug my head sufficiently. The cloud in the sky of my head cleared handsomely after thunderous and rumbling rainfall and only by then I attained to a thought; Darkness can only make light glow brighter and beautiful.

Journey of life

In the course of this long journey, irrespective of anything each and everybody of us is subjected to innumerable things either we can handle or not and it comes to us manifested in various forms. I am pretty sure; every individual would have a novel inside in his brain and heart to narrate though different circumstances keep it hold within oneself.

In the ocean of life, as it keep rolling over with the strike of time we’re made to choose to live a life, a life where we search and battle over to attain the basic needs and wants as it’s more or less the terms and conditions given to us by the natural laws. Here is the simple question;

What do you do to battle to reach where you want to reach?

Simply, we are much conditioned to many of the things and moreover, many of us are gifted with whole package of weapon to fight and we could easily gain what we are searching for. But, do we value those that come so easily? Extraordinarily rare, I guess. Now respect to much arid condition when we face a higher level of challenges, few among us can only pass through the level with all of the capacity that takes to battle and when luck is at the peak.

Here is the interesting thing; those who fail to reach where they want, undergo series of self challenges despite the challenges that he/she faced already. Failure in human brain is mistook for ‘defeated and no choices left’ sometime’s. So that’s the reason why many of us suffer undergoing a phase of ‘sorrows’ in life.  In the tree of life, we succeeded to climb many branches that confront to us and that should be a reason enough to cherish, energize oneself and stand tall to make a move without giving a way to wrong ones, only by then you would see the brighter side of where you always want to be. Life, as it’s born as a ‘series of challenges’ we should accept and understand that there is always one way to get through the storms. Why we should unnecessarily consume one, when there is huge things to be happy.

Life is a continuous process of challenges and nobody would like to be sad inflicted with sorrows, pains and miseries. But, why do we complain so much in life when one challenge wins over us. Yeah, maybe the answer is ‘we are human made of bones and flesh to feel the pain, heart and brain to feel the disappointment over the negative vibes’ but aren’t we human, that make mistakes, are we not the one who is responsible for all the things that are made to happen. That’s why, there is always a way to mend and restart correcting where it went wrong.  You know, we care less; we value less for those things that we get easily. That’s why; we value more for what is involved with big challenge and that is not easy with our normal functioning brain, hence we need to groom our thoughts in much broader way.

Let me share you the commonest story among all of us.
Sometime in a day, without having anything to do we get bored easily and that’s not once, it come several time in different places in different situation. Why? Each and every one would have one in the list to reason out, but have you ever thought of what you’re going to do next time when you’re bored. Don’t tell me ‘life sucks.’ the commonest thing that many would have in the tip of their tongue to spit out.  Actually you know ‘life don’t sucks, we sucks.’ Because, how much better and smoothly functioning in our daily routine would be, if we pay those times to ourselves to experiment on various things. Seriously, have you ever given yourself a sufficient time to experiment? I didn’t. I didn’t, either because I am involve with series of activities or when I am bored, like many I would waste my time sweetly. So the story is, be your judge yourself, listen to your true emotion, it would make much easier in many terms and aspects.

The moon and the stars above you shine brighter when darkness get much deeper, that’s why happiness after series of struggle is much sweeter. Life is beautiful!!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Cold and bared morning, unwillingly and lethargically I woke up twenty minutes to nine when my phone rang repeatedly. Which, these days my lady does me a favor of being alarm for my winter deepen sleep.

Without even having a single bite to break my fast, I rushed for my first class for the day as I was already with strict of time. Since 9 AM I was in the lab with couple of my classmates waiting for my lecturer to come but even after 45 minutes neither teacher nor his assistant turn up and moreover such is a disorganized system in my university which they don’t even notify about the absence unlike other university which they would notify each and everyone for the days happening. It was a patience consuming from the start of the day, which dimmed my mood.

Allow me to share some fact.

By this end of the semester, I will get done with my bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. Long four year in India pursuing my bachelor’s degree has taught me so many things beyond my expectations in the journey of my study, though it was challenging. Coming here in India has shown me a light to adulthood, a light to new wisdom (medicine) and of all made me a complete package of what I am right now and what I will be in the nearest futures that lie ahead. It’s unspeakable how much I am thankful to the entire lecturer who basically shaped me with all weapons they got.

So here is what I don’t like? As coin does have two sides, drawbacks are expected as its natural. Still then for good and change, allow me to share.  Today, right after my first class which didn’t happen, I did have two theory classes which ended smoothly and excitingly at exactly 12:30 in the afternoon.  Then, I went with my friends to the nearest tea stall for a cup of coffee and on our way back we were checking the notice board if any new thing has notified or updated. Yup, one notification notified, but it was illogical and funny to me.  A notification was pasted in regard to the first session exam, notifying “First session exam for the Bachelor of pharmacy students of all the year will be conducted beginning from 6th of February till 24th.”  Upon seeing, we laugh at each other and after a while one friend broke our laughter saying “seriously it’s unbelievably absurd, right?” and continuing till we reach our room, that was our title of the discussion.  Yeah, it was absurd as mentioned by my friend, because we just started our class a week or two ago, and some of our classes didn’t even begun, but nothing has changed till now and it’s always been that way from the beginning of my first year.

Till now, I didn’t understand why series of this thing are happening and this poor administration has always sickened to my nerves.  An another fact in the list; they gave us an examination form to fill which we have to submit, but they don’t notify us when to return and when we don’t do on time (a time which we don’t know) the result has to bore by us paying money for the late submission which fighting over the right won’t also help then losing, which they don’t allow to do exams. Equivalent to that, we pay our fees on time and when we notify them and submit application for the repair of any damage parts in the hostel room, they would prolong always with infinite excuses, though their responsibility is to take care of every single things happening in and around the campus. 

P.S: Not my intention to harm/hurt anyone with my scribble. I wrote this mainly in hope for good change, though good things outweigh the worst.