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Thursday, 12 May 2016


She was a little girl,
Young, wild and crazy.
Her smiles were the brightest of all colour,
Her timid the cutest flush,
Her voices, the favourite in my album,
And her thoughts my principle,
She was a masterpiece,
When I met her on thirteen.

In slip of second I felt for her like autumn fall,
And she became my precious diamond.
My thoughts about her never stop like summer rainfall.
And as i watched her each passing day,
She blossomed like spring flower,
By then I don't know how much I fall for her,
But it was never ending like sunrise.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Magic Of Love

An episode of magic,
Flooded hugely:

The flashing twinkle through sky,
Brushed along the river of body.
And those shimmering waves polarized coat sweetly.
The reflections of color,
Impregnated charm in mountains,
And brushing air swept valley harmoniously
Heart was warmed,
And harms all healed,
Farm were bred breathtakingly,
She was a brilliance of shade to pivotal joys.

Monday, 15 February 2016

She found me.

She is new as the morning sunlight,
Green as the spring leaves,
Gentle as the evening breeze.

She put me on the float like dandelion in air.

Her whole flips thousand pages in my brain.
An enormous newness I feel in my heart,
Ripples in my blood sweet and magnetized.

Autumn fall is my love.

And Like those music that sooth,
Nature that steal infinite sight,
She stole all of me.

And I am here one howling wolf.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Cold and bared morning, unwillingly and lethargically I woke up twenty minutes to nine when my phone rang repeatedly. Which, these days my lady does me a favor of being alarm for my winter deepen sleep.

Without even having a single bite to break my fast, I rushed for my first class for the day as I was already with strict of time. Since 9 AM I was in the lab with couple of my classmates waiting for my lecturer to come but even after 45 minutes neither teacher nor his assistant turn up and moreover such is a disorganized system in my university which they don’t even notify about the absence unlike other university which they would notify each and everyone for the days happening. It was a patience consuming from the start of the day, which dimmed my mood.

Allow me to share some fact.

By this end of the semester, I will get done with my bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. Long four year in India pursuing my bachelor’s degree has taught me so many things beyond my expectations in the journey of my study, though it was challenging. Coming here in India has shown me a light to adulthood, a light to new wisdom (medicine) and of all made me a complete package of what I am right now and what I will be in the nearest futures that lie ahead. It’s unspeakable how much I am thankful to the entire lecturer who basically shaped me with all weapons they got.

So here is what I don’t like? As coin does have two sides, drawbacks are expected as its natural. Still then for good and change, allow me to share.  Today, right after my first class which didn’t happen, I did have two theory classes which ended smoothly and excitingly at exactly 12:30 in the afternoon.  Then, I went with my friends to the nearest tea stall for a cup of coffee and on our way back we were checking the notice board if any new thing has notified or updated. Yup, one notification notified, but it was illogical and funny to me.  A notification was pasted in regard to the first session exam, notifying “First session exam for the Bachelor of pharmacy students of all the year will be conducted beginning from 6th of February till 24th.”  Upon seeing, we laugh at each other and after a while one friend broke our laughter saying “seriously it’s unbelievably absurd, right?” and continuing till we reach our room, that was our title of the discussion.  Yeah, it was absurd as mentioned by my friend, because we just started our class a week or two ago, and some of our classes didn’t even begun, but nothing has changed till now and it’s always been that way from the beginning of my first year.

Till now, I didn’t understand why series of this thing are happening and this poor administration has always sickened to my nerves.  An another fact in the list; they gave us an examination form to fill which we have to submit, but they don’t notify us when to return and when we don’t do on time (a time which we don’t know) the result has to bore by us paying money for the late submission which fighting over the right won’t also help then losing, which they don’t allow to do exams. Equivalent to that, we pay our fees on time and when we notify them and submit application for the repair of any damage parts in the hostel room, they would prolong always with infinite excuses, though their responsibility is to take care of every single things happening in and around the campus. 

P.S: Not my intention to harm/hurt anyone with my scribble. I wrote this mainly in hope for good change, though good things outweigh the worst.