Monday, 9 April 2018

Keep low

Sometimes, i just want to pull it off everything, starting from the basics stuffs i am doing for living. I am not sure if this sort of crazy feeling emerge within you or not, but it do appears to me when things around that circulate are icy cold to handle. This kinda raw feeling, that itches coldly in the ceiling of chest, letting current flow all around the shoulder and with tenderness swimming right inside the stomach always give me an attack of cold emotions, thundering inside, making me wrestle through the whole series of life that i see around including mine.

Frankly, i am not emotionally sensitive like my skin to the sharpest object but you know, when we are busy with life, out of nowhere sometimes, some feelings haunt us down, where it pluck the major string making it echo loudly in our temple, making even the feelings visible and put us to a situation when we can even feel the touch. You can assume, when you're alone in the darkest room and when your whole sense is triggered. That's when, when you can't deny to have never felt the current.

I am not sure of indications or the time of releasing chemicals inside body that make us feel so sensitive, but at least i am aware when our focus is right through every windows of life. Here, I am talking right from the same human sitting by the roadside street to the human on the throne, an animal on the path to those pets fed by human, and including all those parallel series of life equivalent or more to the example highlighted that make yours and my feeling flooded time and again.

See thousand of us, despite having the luxury of basic life we keep fighting for another thousand unattended stuffs. Do you? Yes i do and i am still on the same mode. See the basic patterns of life: birth, then attending to fulfill human facet, and then maybe studying or any work, then getting job,then earning,then making more money, then buying thousands of things and it keeps endlessly going further like the wheel on the straight steep slope, never thinking that the whole series is a circle: Started and it should end.

The picture of us today is; a kite on kids hand. we just want to fly high into sky crossing every level without a thought of the weather around and ultimate ground, this sometimes saddens me seeing myself on to this chair.

Do your mind question you? or never happens?
It never happens to me regularly for number of things i picked up are just conditioned and it just keep rolling on functioning smoothly but suddenly when it does, the messages transmitted eat me out in one chew. He started questioning me; Why keep the change when numbers of humans on the street are fighting for penny to feed themselves? Why wastage when you brought to use? Why mobile phone when you've hundreds of life around to spend with? Why restaurants when you've plenty to eat in home? Why heart break when you risk to love? Why alcohol when its warn on the injuries to health? and why more and more of everything, when you've the ground to stand freely.

Many of us know and still we do, for our mind is a loitering feather in the sky and we are blinded with the unnecessary need of life that demands. Our desires today, kicks off high every time stretching limitless making ourselves one hungry monster, never satisfied with the ocean of thing we own. Its very simple, this days we humans carries a heart that beats so fast, that fall so deep and that start asking so blindly. Here is the very basic day to day life happenings:
Smoking and drinking alcohol when its clearly warn on cancer and injury on health.
Buying stuffs unnecessarily when you really don't need.
Heart breaks and divorce in relations when you have fallen in love madly when you met on the first date.

I am scared our monsters are getting more fierce than lions in the jungle, for i get to see thousands of mess which you and i can adjust. To those who are smoking and drinking, question on why you do, despite the fact of label boldly written. To those who lavishly spend, question yourself what it would be if its given to those in need. To those separate ones, question on why you meet up to give a child and turn away, but this is no intentions to hurt or embarrass anyone, just thought if it could be a dose of medicine if in need.

Life got thousands hurdles, life got thousands of things that we wont be able to attend, life got thousand ahead of us, thousand behind us.
Its not always about getting through hurdles, we may fail and we got to learn how to accept and move on.
We won't be able to attend, and its not always about fighting to make it because sometimes it worthwhile to leave it.
Its not a race to catch those thousand folks ahead of us for we are not in field to win or a race worrying, watching those thousand folks behind us to the reach our height, because everybody has its own way to live.
Only, if we are the vessels that determines the capacity to hold the water or a sky to watch, our demonic ego would sleep on the ground. Life is a five second burning candle, burn well efficiently.


PS: Had a drought since the last visit to my blog but lucky i got some summer rainfall today unexpectedly :).

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