Thursday, 31 December 2015


I couldn’t even stand enough with sufficient energy to digest.     What is so irresistibly tearing?  

Along the twist and turns of journey, infinite numbers of barrier for infinite time put me through some hard times but I would always cope with what I can’t adjust, I stand tall when I must, and of all I would never break down myself for life is always beads of battles but this time it was a different story.  

Crawl on the chest, cold in the ceiling of heart, wrestling spin in my head, pressurized tie inside belly suddenly shaken me like serious earthquake attack beating my resistance. It was a sudden tremor that tore me completely.

On 29th of December 2015, I was at Phuentsholing to receive my parents (including my grandparents from village) who were on the way to Bodhgaya for religious trip.  Indeed, I was very much excited to see all of them, as it has been long duration away from home.   But as lives being meet by uncertainty as it takes the drive for its next turn, upon seeing them I couldn’t even stand enough with sufficient energy to digest, that I can’t keep my tears intact. Yes, definitely I was happy meeting all of them, but gravity of sadness pulled me more sinking into sorrows.

Who walks slower even than the snail?  

My grandparents were old but they were strong, strong enough to carry bundle of firewood on the back of one hour journey, sufficiently strong that they can finish digging acres of land and In fact I did even clearly saw the brilliant light in aged face when I last meet them, before I join my college at Delhi.

After long four years, on 29 December I met and receive them from the taxi parking. I was happy meeting them after long time, but more of it saddened me thoroughly looking at their condition.  Eyes were blurred, that they hardly recognize me. Legs were weakened like rickets that struggle to carry heavy body weight, and it took like almost an hour to reach guest room, which takes less than ten minutes for me. They walk slower than snail with the growing age.

By then the very night, my sleepiness has fled far away. Thoughts were like on highest boiling temperature burning my head, and I really couldn’t believe that my grandparents has reached to that situation, but later with the rumble in head ceasing with enveloping night with cold filling up every void in the room reaching even on my body under blanket, I came to realize time has moved so fast and that’s how life will invite all of us.

On this New Year Eve, firstly I dedicate this poor piece to my grandparents and parents who always make me feel special. Secondly I send my prayers to all the sentient to alleviate them from sorrows and sufferings and lastly I send this  message to the whole world;  time move so fast, faster that sometimes we even fail to notice until truth collides with reality, so when you’re alive, strong and energetic, do something worth which would help all the sentient beings.  

Saturday, 19 December 2015


Inflicted bruises must be excruciating,
With whole of skin prickling,
And heart bleeding.
The loudest of voice you wanted to scream,
With those tremors like calamities
Must be on chest caked.
and those,
Fires of hopes must be in despair,
and dreams shriveled like autumn fall.

Slowly your parts must be degrading,
and sooner neglecting,
And with those resistance collapsing,
Like falling walls.
An anthem of hatred and blames would be on your lips,
Through the rides of upheaval.
But yet you would find more aggravating as you hold.

You saw those countless sunset and sunrise,
And exactly in the morning you know sun will smile.
But you forgot one thing;
Sun will also rise within us too and darkness will fade.
Undress those hold and infectious thoughts,
For thy naked heart would sing an anthem of peace.


Tuesday, 15 December 2015


What is the most human addiction?
Have you ever thought of what you’re most addicted to?or know what humans are most addicted to?

Lately with coldest winter on rule, coldest sweet kiss even reaching bone has made me never wanted to get out of my room.  Even the top list among what I do most has been withered, like those of playing football or hanging out with friends.  Most of the time, I would be hidden like those cub in the cave and would exit only when sunshine.  Cold has made me so much addicted into warmth wasting most of my available time inside blanket with my mobile phone and laptop chatting or watching movie.

For like few days, I was on break after my exhausting theory exam and was giving myself  time for rest,  like one or two but it continued  even to a day ahead of my practical exam, In fact practical exams are not bulky as theory exams to study and moreover  it’s taken lightly in my college which due to the fact, I wasted all of my time totally doing nothing.

Unlike those of usual days, with no choice I woke up early  and got ready for my first exam today reading some necessary stuffs from a manual and luckily I didn’t have to get out of my room to reach till my faculty in early freezing morning as my exams are scheduled at afternoon when winter sun heat is at maximum.  I was whole engaged in studying until last half an hour before exam.

Half an hour slipped with feeding myself with lunch and getting ready collecting necessary materials for my exam and as I open my wardrobe to get lap coat, i was so pissed myself to see unwashed and dirty which I thought of washing a month ago since the last day of my semester class.  i was pissed with my own action that I couldn’t even spend 15 minutes out of so many wasted time for cleaning my own clothes.  However , accepting the truth I went to appear exam without any clouded thoughts.

By then, it was already 6 pm in evening when I came out of practical lab. The evening has enveloped again with cold which fueled my exhaustion. I was tired and yet coldest air has even penetrated through my skin despite the thickest cloth and made me wanted to get back to blanket. However, for the cause of my action I put my time washing bucketful of clothes where I have even forgotten the feeling of cold water.

Getting done with my necessary works, I was back again to my laptop accompanied by some favorite soothing music and busy rubbing my hands to gain the normal temperature.  Suddenly, thoughts about my wasted time emerge and was wondering, why sometime’s thing don’t work as per plan.

Lately, I discovered summer would also keep me most of the time in air conditioned room just like the upcoming winter which made me like cold-phobic and I came to the point;  resting above the altitude higher than what body need was ‘laziness’.

Have you ever thought of what human’s are most addicted?

Even more than the drug addiction, even more than alcoholic addiction, I feel laziness is the mother of all addiction. Look around, keep an eye to any individual irrespective of status or gender, you would see the most addiction would be laziness. In this 21st century, laziness has become invisibly serious addiction causing  undiagnosable problem sometimes.

I strongly believe that more than anything, humans are addicted so much to laziness which they sometimes even forget to take their proper basic meals. Laziness as mother of addiction for human give so many serious consequences which lead to the major problems in our daily activities.

Experiment yourself with this few questions.
Have you ever came across when you couldn’t finish your work on time?
Have you ever met a situation when your plan fails terribly?
Have you ever gave a thought why people in this present arena are most suffering from lifestyle diseases? 

To my discover, what I believe is laziness is the root causes of many major problem which has become epidemically viral in this modern society.

“Laziness grows on people; it begins in cobwebs and ends in iron chains. The more one has to do, the more he is able to accomplish.”

Saturday, 12 December 2015


‘ I hate distance and will do now and forever……….’

With those clench knots in belly,  with those frozen bite on four chambered walled organ,  I could exactly picture her long breath of inhale through those cold crisped lips in reference to her thirst of seeing me.  Suddenly I was limited with words, words lesser than it could complete a sentence. I was frozen not knowing what even to tell to make her believe in reality  and to make her feel good.
Since two years eleven month, beginning 13th of January when we fall for each other, due to our individual responsibilities of life to shoulder, we have been almost all the time faraway from each other and yet we kept moving despite hundreds of barriers hoping some day would come to take us to a place;     when distance fades, when  we can find each others hand and back, when time show on us to spend every day through joys and laughter. 

Along this journey of twist and turns,waiting's and endurance, harsh and sweet, no matter how challenges find us,  we dust off those which eat our harmony keeping faith in miracle that life give and with our infinite affections for each other.  I admit, Having her in my life is one biggest god gift that I receive and dream come true.

Here is an another story of battle.
She is a innocent sweet lady, spiritually and intellectually gifted woman,  bright and  beautiful. She basically do possess every art that I could call “perfect”.
To see bitter in her face, to see her hurt, to see her through floating waves of blues has always make  me cold. As a girl, her make up of mind is just similar to the rest of females,  who worries, who land up getting tensed,  whose heart is so fragile and sensitive.  Sometime, she land up getting her mind poisoned with those challenges and would share me all those troubles that would pinch me. Most of the time, being faraway, the only weapon that I got would be always my sweetened words of inspirations and support, In fact it would be too insufficient for a sinking heart.

Today on 13th of December, our love counts to two years eleven month. As usual we were on social app sharing and exchanging stories of what has happened in a day. Through the course, she messaged me  “i wish, you’re here with me on this new year eve. I miss you so much that I hate this distance as always now and forever”  
I was frozen cold upon reading,  it wasn’t a fear of what I can’t do but a sweet pain of not giving her the best what she deserve.  I was limited to words, words lesser than it could complete a word.  Most of the time,  I would always find a word to make her feel good and energetic and moreover she believes so much that I always feel blessed  giving her whole to me. 

Today, even all those  sincere  and genuine words that I use as a weapon when far, has also dried up when I see her sinking heart of so much misses and need.

Friday, 11 December 2015


After queue of long exams which almost derange our brain, yesterday we received one best time like god has granted us a wish to relieve ourselves from all the hard times we have been battling. It was totally magical and i saw everyone in four wall enjoying hard with rhythm of floating music forgetting every single worries in the world, indeed it was marvelous. That's why i believe that, we are blessed in infinite ways even during the harsh times.

Yesterday and today( 10 and 11) of December is birthday of my two close friends. Their birthday was plan in such a way for us by god smartly just right after our long week exhausted exams. I thank their mom and dad for giving birth to this two beautiful soul. By the way it wasn't a reason of you two treating us in the best.  hahah, anyways joke apart.

Let me grasp this chance to disclose and let universe know about them as far as i know spending four years of my college days with this two brother, in fact my words would be too insufficient.

He is cool and one passionate footballer that i have came across in the voyage of my life. He is originally from dagana. He did his higher secondary from one famous school in the kingdom (Drukgyel) and after his best performance as smart kid qualifying for further study, i met with him here at DELHI. He is currently pursuing his final year of bachelor's degree in pharmacy.  He is one such cool guy, who can adjust with every kind of situations and of all, the best thing about him is, he will never worry unnecessarily until it is mean to.   Summing up from hundred and one; 
He is a men with integrity and character,  adaptable to any kind of situations, cool, confident, friendly and a full of passion for what he love. His good name is 'Chimi Wangchuk'

He is gentle and a passionate basketball and volleyball player that i have met in my life. He is originally from samtse and did his higher secondary from the same school.  I met him here at college after his qualification for higher studies. He is currently pursuing his bachelors degree in pharmacy in third year.  He is one gentle men who is friendly, open and honest. 
Out of all, he is full of life, fun loving, intiative, friendly and one such wonderful buddy who would love to do fun with. His good name is 'Roshan Rai.

Four years of spending my time here at college with you two is one biggest part of my life and i will surely do cherish throughout my life.  In deed, i am blessed to have such good friends who help me battle the weather of life.
I pay you my appreciation and token of gift through this poor writing. God bless you both and happiness shower like summer rain evergreen. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOTH OF YOU ONCE AGAIN!

Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Its been heavy hours since from the beginning of my final exam when i was glued on my old chair, when i was jailed up in four walls with piles of book for so less time that i have got. 

During this stages of cycle my system was fully acclimatized to waking up early without alarm, sleeping late night burning midnight oil, in fact situation was "so many book for so less time" and i did swallowed all the circumstances of massive pitfalls with all the fuel i got, since i have let most of my available time slip like time can regrow. 

Did you ever ask yourself why things are not abundantly rich at a time? like somehow, somewhere there is a pitfalls. Like when you're distanced, you started missing home. Like when winter come, you started missing summer, when you fail you start regretting like if i have tried little, like i do when i have so less time for my book.

Here is the reality; iterative mediocrity when meet the life, question get solved.
Thousand among millions of us, we insufficiently value when everything is richly blossom around us like conditioned and automated machines where our plates are adapted to the normal life situation of wasting time unnecessarily, taking things for granted and hundred more in the list.

What if we really deal with life? Have you ever once gave a thought beyond your normal thinking brain when you're normal? Have you've ever valued a cup of water when you're hydrated or a bowl of rice when your belly is filled?  Rarely we does.

With my final paper approaching tomorrow, after appearing 4 papers of like thousands of pages, studying about million of drug, bells in my head reverberated louder than usual in totally exhausted body and came to the point of why we actually are not abundantly blessed with wealth of life.

If you avoid life, you'll never understand that:  obstacles are normal series of battle in life to door of abundance harmony.

Monday, 7 December 2015


5 AM, cold winter morning!
When my alarm reverberate to the loudest,
I found myself panting to catch the sufficient volume of cold air,
With the wrestling thoughts of dream in my head
When I first open my eyes from sleep.

There, I was sweating.
With random dream of struggling.
She was a subject of my war.
War irrespective of the daylight and dark.
Indeed, her sum find my all days that come.

Subsequent dream that I fought,
Thrust even my 5 AM pure thought.
She has found me even through the breath,
Extending to the widest of breadth,
An expanse of niche i live, she became my air.

Early 5 AM morning,
Alarm buzzed,
There like antelope riding, dream inflicted suffer of massive loneliness,
Added with sweet urgent miss,
With all those dream to wake up by her side each successive morning.

Even a dream she haunted!!!

Monday, 30 November 2015


Yesterday, deep azure sky flourish,
Amidst golden yellow sun glitter,
Bluish ocean reflects prismatic-ally via whole medium,
Yet those whispering wind flatter flags wonderfully
Air was so much filled with rhythmic melody huge than skyscraper
A realm brimmed with out most joys.

Today deep dark sky over rule,
Thick blanket of cumulus shadowing dark,
Thundered rain disturbed calmest ocean,
Neither music do justice to the cold air,
Nor warmest tulip do help to the coldest heart,
So less was bouyancy, sinking with gravity,
A realm flooded with abyss sorrows.

So many thing has happened,
Time has move so fast,
Faster than those blinks of my eye.
A mother tree perished,
and her seed made forest,
A little girl i saw by roadside has turn into beautiful woman
And a beautiful lady i know has wrinkled.

Time has moved so fast,
That my bone even started to ache.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Map to heart.

Unburdened smiles like the searing sunset,
Dazzling eyes like the flawless moon,
Sweetness of tang like lily,
Voice like honey,
Colour buoyed clouds with golden brilliance,
Beautifying the primordial sky,
Intoxicating whole of lying vale,
With tides of pulsating songs of joy In the air,
Nobody has find me more than this,
Neither sky nor earth.
Neither sun nor moon.
Everything was a trouble in air 
All was knitted thread of infinite,
Like woven silence of women.
Until all those sum of parts she share,
Drew a map to my heart.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Sweetest pain

An another story,
Story of a men who found letting go so hard.
Those weary naked eyes,
Clench of knot in belly,
Wrestling battle in chamber of love
I could exactly picture as those words meet my eye.

“With those glaring eyes,
Wearing a beautiful smiles,
She watched me so close and keenly into my eyes hugging tight.
Those sweet lips unravel her deepest feeling;
Promising thousands,
Speaking millions of dreams,
And disclosing how much i mean to her.
Like there was no tomorrow in her future.
I still have those rhythm of beat when it drum against my chest,
I still hear those gasp of relieve she breath when her head fall on my shoulder.
How beautiful it was,  is never same today.

Sky has started darkening,
Weather has started worsening,
Things has started fading slowly,
For my lips are blue,
And my lamp inside gets dimmer,
I am young but I feel so  old.
I didn’t see this future until now when thing’s are never same.
It was beautiful but never same today.
Everything that kept me float, drown me.
Everything that kept me alive, consume me.
Sweetest pain has fed me multiple times,
And I am dying old inside with the smile she always asked for.

And only if thirteen comes again, a flame would burn as sweet as the pain i am engaged.”

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Prayers and sympathy for Paris.

Moon has already chased the sun, night has become darker  and world dropped to silence even fading the sounds of busiest chirping crickets, barking dog and loaded trucks. It was yesterday- a Friday night  and usually during the start of weekend holiday I never sleep early and even if I try, my sleep would have flee far away. My energy would be at the maximum that would even sustained till dawn break and like usual I was browsing over net, playing internet games, chatting, reading article  and by then it was already midnight when I had my supper with my friend.

After our midnight dinner, instead of sleeping we locked our door and went to our friends room which Is in the next block building to watch international football match. You know, we never miss watching important football matches even if it’s during our exam time and if there is football match  just like yesterday in weekends when holiday just start, it would be one of the luckiest and cherishing night for us. There was series of international matches in swing happening simultaneously ( SPAIN VS ENGLAND, GERMANY VS FRANCE, WALES VS HOLLAND, BELGIUM VS ITALY etc) where we were bit stuck in the middle choosing which country match to watch, and finally we landed up watching Spain vs England and Germany vs France simultaneously as there 15 minutes differences in the starting time.

As usual the crowd was huge,  fans shouting to the peak of their voice with excitements,  drums every where accompanied with blowing horns in stadium and on other side of world ,three of us like three musketeer was cheering up in the middle of night even if we were watching the match on laptop struggling over timely fluctuating net.  The game passed so long without conceding any goals,  and yeah crowd was still cheering huge and three of us was also  watching and  simultaneously talking about the previous day match when our country lost to china with huge differences(12-0).

By around 4 am in the morning (Saturday) the match got over with ( Spain 2-England 0, France 2-Germany 0)  and yeah two of us came back to our room to sleep as it was already late.  By then like after 20 to 30 minutes, my friend showed me on the Instagram picture which title “BESTOFFOOTBALL” with stadium full of fans, and caption reading “ our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Paris . Many people have been shot around Paris and big hostage situation.  People that saw the match France-Germany stay in stadium for safety reasons.”   Seriously, I couldn’t believe for a once that world is so much a unsafe place to survive and live. I couldn’t believe my eyes that I read those lines after just seeing those huge crowds in huge excitements couple minutes ago.

Suddenly after I saw that picture on the Instagram, I browsed over chrome on BBC to check what really has happened. And to my dismay i saw huge bold on the page  “ PARIS ATTACK- BATACLAN and other assaults leave many dead.”   Where 80 people were killed, 180 leaving injured after gunmen stormed into Bataclan concert hall which was one of the deadliest  of Friday night attack and three of gunmen was also already dead after they have blown themselves up and one shot dead by police after security forces stormed inside the concert hall.

The picture of stadium filled with fans who watched a match was accompanied by president and other spectators and was one of the target for those attackers. and it was witnessed after two explosion and three gunmen were shot dead on spot. That's why all of them were caged in the stadium for the safety reasons.  

After reading all of those news, i couldn't sleep and i was bit disturbed thinking world is still a unsafe place to survive and live among people and people also. i was disturbed seeing those huge crowds in panics and cries which i saw them in huge excitement 20 minutes earlier . 

I pay my sympathy and prayers to all those people in Paris and may happiness find a way through soon as usual. 

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Tribute to my king.

Stories as it narrates;
Songs of joys sung loud to the peak,
Prayers reaching to entire,
Excitements flourishing richly in each heart,
Unraveling through the sweetest of expressions,
Unfolding the most skilled of the art,
With the genuine of toil.
My eyeball were amazed,
With kiss on the ceiling of my head,
And sweetness in the wall of heart,
As I watch through beautiful window from an old chair,
Watching beautiful tributes on his Majesties 60th Birthday Anniversary .

An art of impulses and beat on my plate.
Born upon seeing millions of homage to the almighty,
And yet Gave a vivid picture of motherland in extreme joys,
Even through the lens from far away land.
It made me miss the heaven in motherland on this momentous occasion;
A day when a hero was born and peace was showered,
A day when nation was blessed with unconditional happiness,
A day when harsh fade and heaven born with his love.
A day when all new beginning of spring sprung.

My words won’t reach to altitude of your true leadership,
Just like subject of extraordinary that can’t be describe,
Still then, I pay my homage on this significant day with words from abyss of my heart.

My almighty;
You’re an epitome for thousands of generation,
Stories of huge inspiration and light,
North star to thousand of lost souls,
Reason of smile those who’ve forgotten,
Weapon of unity to all,
 I Salute you for all that made me see a 'heaven' on this earth in our nation.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Human and life.

Navigating from the time when you’re born and raised, through the boat you’ve voyage so long in the vast ocean has so big to tell but most of us keep moving most of the time without even giving a single stop to think on the daily life activities. Once one cold freezing night, like of those usual sleepless night when my eyelids took full control of my eyes, when body metabolically active, when whole of thoughts thundered and rumble in my head, unlike other night going through whole expanse of imaginations through the greatest distance mind travel it offered me a good time with a chance to think about the life we live from the time when we born and raised.

 The followings are few thoughts among many which i wrote here according to my experiences and the perspective on life which many of us live;

Love, life and people
Many among millions must have gone through or even if they hadn’t they must have witnessed at least.  You know, in our life as we grow up, as life take us to different places we meet so many people either of our kind or different. What is the funniest and strangest thing that I have noticed, experienced and seen is, how people that we use to know, those people who have been so much to you, so close to you turning into strangers sometimes so easily in short span of time.  An example, love is in air everywhere and one way or other, everybody of us even if we are of strongest kind is in need of love, care and affection with the whole burning of desire inside us which make us to search for love intentionally or unintentionally.  When we fall for love, when we find soft corner for the person, in the beginning it started with all those ties of dreams, hopes, wishes, and promises like we could even give up whole of ourselves to the people that we love, but as day turn into week, week into months and years, naturally problems, barriers, challenges comes on our way which sometime completely ruin the relation due to so much of expectation or due to different qualities that one can’t accept for each other, and it happens in most cases which started with hurts, betrayal, sadness and all. All of this is perfectly fine, because we can’t deny the truth of life being series of battles that testify us each coming days, but what is unbelievable and strange is, how those people who has known from tip of hair to tip of nails, who has share hundreds days of happiness and joys turning easily into complete foes in short time after all problems in life.
It look so strange and funny to me because obstacles and problems has nothing to do and ruin the entire thing if everyone of us don’t give a way ,after all the problems and life is normal.
So have you ever thought of why all this things turns out so bad? I think it turns so bad unbelievably, because of human and self associated problems of ego and the demon that everyone has inside. Such is a strange life sometimes going on in this beautiful world.

Life and game.
There are millions of things we encounter in our daily life and among all; troubles, struggles and battles is one that arises anywhere at any time in all the time that comes, irrespective of any status and situation. So the question is how you have been dealing with this entire situation, when sometimes lives don’t treat fairly or either when life finds us through wrong times.   Adrenaline rush, head breaking thoughts, heavy worries and all sort of negatives vibes right! I know, most of us are subjected or either made like this to react when suddenly troubles find us through our day to day life.  Here is the undeniable truth; unnecessarily reacting and letting ourselves go through worries, tension and heavy thoughts even through the normal life struggles.   Unnecessarily holding things and pressurizing within one making inner peace flee through those things which we have to let go.  Waiting so much for the entire good thing to happen when we know we have to put our energy to achieve.  Such as this, there are so many in lists which one way or other way we struggle ourselves; making ourselves our own troubles. So there is no way we can expect to solve problems, to expect for good when we ourselves make more complicated.
In life, there is so much and more to endure, there is lot of times that we should be ready ourselves and focused to battle any kind of situation without worrying too much, and yeah learning to let things go off which are mean to, because have you ever notice yourself, you know where we faced this thousand kind of situations but still we are the same individual with same thoughts but expecting good things to happen. So basically we should learn to adapt, we should learn to battle in the best way with all the positive thoughts, because all this series of battles through the meandering course just is temporary as our life which just came to test us and it’s normal.

Wishes and realizations
When do we realize most of the time?  According to me, many of us realize when worst started appearing and when our situations become stagnant and worsen. What do we do basically after all this realizations is start wishing foolishly when we know nothing can change? An anecdote from my life at college, a similar story everyone would have in some point of life.  Most of the time, my college days begin waking up early morning, then attending usual lectures, and finally coming back to room and either playing football or watching movies or busy with some social sites.  This same schedules follow almost throughout the whole semester and at the end when exam arrive on the door, i would land up struggling burning midnight oil, which would be much easier if i have given a quality of time from the beginning and as a result i would land up getting exhausted unnecessarily, would land up giving tough time to myself, and wishing if i have a little more time to study good and well.
In life, in many cases to many of us we do almost all the same thing everywhere at anytime even if we are alarmed of the future, even if we have dreams by living the life of mediocrity and finally landing up realizing when the worst start appearing.    There is so many thing in life where we land up realizing lately; realization of short of time when it’s all finish, realization of love and care when it’s far gone, realization of missing happy home when you go through struggles and thousand more that make us realize each coming day making us wish more and landing up getting devastated at the end when nothing get change which we could have done before if we are little serious of life. 
So basically I think giving ourselves a time to do what we are suppose to do would make life so much easier without having to realize when everything is at stagnant, but it’s a life most of us live in number of days in our life in  this modern society which ultimately lead us to worst time.

Saturday, 31 October 2015


Clouds in head,
Blade in the back of spine,
Chest tighten solidly,
Melancholy enough to sink heart,
Churns in belly,
Body numbed slowly,
Hopes destroyed,
Yeah I got you man totally, but who the fool told you that you’re dead.
It’s you, who’ve stopped flying
It’s you, who’ve stopped walking,
It’s you, who’ve stopped fighting,
It’s you, who’ve stop feeling,
Battles is a life, those challenges are natural.
It’s just a test to find your strength.
Believe me you’re closer to where you want than yesterday,
Believe me you’re stronger than today
And believe me you’re unbeatable.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Changing dreams.

In everyday of our life, starting from the time when we are born and raised we pass through the series of journey encountering millions of things , either things expected or unexpected that makes us excited or drowned, usual or unusual.   By the way, did you ever question yourself sometime’s with your inner self of how you’re doing? if your dreams are fulfilled? and if you’re really on the place that you wanted to be or not?  and a million questions that you desperately waiting for an answer.  If it’s not the worst of blunder, I guess we ask less to ourselves then the feeling that arose within the same body, I guess this days we care less for questioning ourselves then letting it go and let time to take where ever it takes us.

It was one fine morning, when Delhi has welcome a cold wind of winter and I was on the terrace catching some air before going to college.  Suddenly, all those flashback when I was a kid, when I was in school, when I was a student came rumbling in my mind when I see those kids near my college campus going to school for the day and I had a question back in mind; What they would become? How they would make themselves to see the world and let people see them?

Each and every individual must have a dream that they dream to be,wishes that they wished to be with all the lights from different people that we meet in our daily life and with each single journey that we take since from the time when we started our journey of life.  But do you ever thought  of how much dream that disappear and come another? Do you ever thought  if you have nurtured and living with a same dream that you wanted to be?

Alright, allow me to narrate the shortest of my story of life of dreams.                                                   
 When I started my pre-primary school, I was one of the weakest student that teacher would have in his class and moreover  I wasn’t interested in studying and all sort of education at school. That very time, my dream, my wish was to be a  monk.  Seriously I still remember how much I have fallen in love for those life,  when I see monk of my age when my parents takes to monastery and temple.
Gradually with moving time when  I was 9, I forgot all those dreams and by then I was a average student after the best a dad could do for his son. He always find a time to teach me, always find a great ways to develop my enthusiasm and energy in studies and would encourage me to be like my big brother who is excellent in studies.  Once as it happened during class 3, when I topped English and ranked third in class, my energy has boosted to maximum level and with each passing year, I felt love so much with the language and I wanted to a journalist.

My dream of becoming journalist lasted a few year after I pass my Bhutan secondary examination.  And getting to higher secondary, I was one of the student among many who was confused in choosing subject.  By then , with less of my dreams and more of the dreams of people whom I love, I choose the dreams of my love to be a humble doctor in my life. So, as it happen  my dream was to be a doctor and land up in higher secondary school choosing biology completing closing another window of engineering.

So now i am here in Delhi, pursuing pharmacy, to be pharmacist in future and that’s my career.  In life, i guess nobody is sure of who you wanted to be, because dreams changes with every situations and growth of change in this life. Seriously, i saw rarely those who still lived with dream that wanted to be always. 

With all my changing dreams, i landed up wondering about those school going kids of what they would become and where life would take them. Sometime's i feel like dreams are like those dream that we see in sleep which disappear the next morning when we wake up.

So the question is; are you still with dreams that you wanted to fulfill? are you in the place that you wanted to be?  i admit i am not and i wonder where life would take me next despite the plans and huge dreams even after those disappeared ones.