Monday, 21 August 2017

Faded name

Along her dense and thin,
Curve and bend,
Fall and rise,
I adjusted like dog, a real humble one.
Admit! i was one dedicated ferocious soldier,
lifting all load on shoulder,
Fighting all battles,
Despite crumbling weight,
And yes, i married victory and won the pride.
But now i am struggling fixing sins,
Wrestling with pain,
But all journey i drove by:
I find myself low,
Pride broken,
Victory shrinking,
And people ask me if i am doing fine?
I tell, only if those victories i fought for, do worth for poor.

Bad weather find sparks in you

Erosion uprooting,
Hurricane blowing,
Heat burning,
Tremor shaking,
The worst swim deep right through your core,
Spreading everywhere.
Severely despair at end,
Energy less to grind.

Stories only to find;
Your strength,
Your dreams,
Your journey
To find the beast within you:
Where it follows and stands every following day.