Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Thank You All( last row of college days)

Dear all,

The reality was harsh but experience was magically huge, more or less like the sea diver in the deepest sea. Along the journey of dense and thin, twist and turn, high and low it wholly assist me in preying my dreams to come true, discovering my true form and especially in prismatic learning of life and adventure.

I am drunk with myriad emotions, finger soaked with ink, sky enriched with charismatic energy, and my words won’t be able to fit all the immense thank and credit to the people who largely help me in many forms to overcome the weakness, to fight the difficult, to appreciate the simple and learning to be a good human in my four years of doing bachelors degree in India( Delhi). It is infinity and bulky to express how much I am thankful, still then letting heard seems better than holding and locking inside although it wouldn’t curve the need of my feeling that you all made it grew green and beautiful inside me.

Four years in Delhi in pursuit of my dreams has finally came true. The root of journey was quite a struggle with branches of battles, however finally seizing all this made me realize, life is basically the beads of battles that never ends until time reaches to the point when you get the whole insight of art of life. Time has flown crazily in the fractions of second, and I still feel the journey has just started, the newness of joy, chasm of love was all impregnated by beautiful souls around me. The journey has been marriages of unknown and known, expected and unexpected, clean and dirty, and hell consuming but the light at the far end of sight never made me stop and at last, seeing a risen sun of awaited queue of dusk and dawn make me feel sweetly in jumping joys. The success of joy never comes easy like in an hour or day, it takes whole of you, whole of time and when it blossom, it’s even more beautiful than the spring your eye fall in love with or a song that pluck your strings of heart.

Firstly let me thank my goddess and god( mom, dad, grandma, grandpa,my love and all relatives) who always inspire me in unending length in different aspects. I never know, how it be difficult to grow as parent less son. Even having you around, find me through complains and series of difficulty but you all made me feel the best that a parent could do to help in building a better person. It’s always beautiful and proud to be your son.
Secondly, I thank all my teachers who carved in the most special way, who practically guided me like the north star for the boatmen and finally making me understand the significance in the road of learning and enlightening me with worldly wisdom.

And yeah big thanks to all of my friends around the globe who always inspire me, who gave me the unending energy and who stand by my side in hard time. It’s something beyond word’s which you all do to me in learning and becoming one better person who I am today.

The last week, the last days of college day has arrived like the winter freezing the whole world. I can’t believe time has move so fast in nanoseconds but it has and ultimately it quite sadden me when I look back to those young free days of alarming college days, however, life has moved and has to move on with each turn , that’s why I feel; ‘things which are too less are always glittering gold’ something precious, which in life make us realize at the end. I will cherish all the songs that I sung through dawn to dusk, thousand stories written, million pictures painting and infinite photographs clicked in the book of my heart In my college days throughout my life. It has been struggling yet sweet and memorable part of my life journey.

Thank you everyone for making my dream alive and come true. I pray for others who are still in the journey, especially my juniors to spend each day and night of your college day fruitfully and handsomely, those who graduated the best of luck in coming future and yeah my words are too less for the effort you all sowed in me in building what I am right now. Thank you all!!!

Friday, 6 May 2016


Dazzling morning sunshine numb into dull orangish over the bar of hills,
The noisily chirping birds soothes into cold silence,
The brush of wind whistles at low and
Roaming buffalo along acres of land settled.

Entire was catalyzed into low and cold.
Only silence grew larger and deeper.

The strings of heart plucked tenderly,
Solid melted into softer,
Pounding like the paddling horse.
Flashlight of infinite signals ran through the head,
And his heart weep as it grey and freeze.

Magic Of Love

An episode of magic,
Flooded hugely:

The flashing twinkle through sky,
Brushed along the river of body.
And those shimmering waves polarized coat sweetly.
The reflections of color,
Impregnated charm in mountains,
And brushing air swept valley harmoniously
Heart was warmed,
And harms all healed,
Farm were bred breathtakingly,
She was a brilliance of shade to pivotal joys.

Thursday, 7 April 2016


Well again a bad day to me and rest those who supports Madrid.

I never do miss single match of Madrid whether they play an important game in a fixture or less. Basically, you can count me one as Madrid's fan. It was long time I started watching Madrid playing against number of teams. I was very young when I started loving a club and team play, and moreover it's like father son descending, because my dad is one pioneer who encourages me in infinite fields which one among all is football.I still remember how we watch Madrid's game like we are one playing in the field with all energy and enthusiasm. That's why its like my heart follows my king.

Al right, today if you've seen a match of Madrid against Wolfs-burg in Quarter-Final Champions league of First leg in wolfs-burg arena you would definitely know who played and enjoyed a good match and who suffered. Well, this is one bad game I watch Madrid playing. Yap, they did have a good possession of the balls comparatively but the display was pathetic. They suffered a shock defeat of 2-0.

Unlike the matches they played and name they carry, today was like unknown team playing against Wolfs-burg. Everybody understands the bad luck, the existence of all correlated factors which put in a good shape of everything and yeah, the weakness, bad lucks and mistakes at whole in the end gave Madrid a bad day to count in the list.

Number of factors put them to shock defeat and of all, what surprises was a poor control of the balls and no fight for the recovery. Among all, the defence also made several blunders which wolfs-burg thoroughly enjoyed in their own home ground. I am no match-statistics examiner, but yeah when you watch your favourite team playing, you find every bit of weakness. Today, wolfs-burg played much better, they were with like whole weapons to stop and they did the best they could with the strong teams. Definitely they deserved to win because of all the several weakness Madrid faced and every chances they fruitfully utilised.

Sometimes, no matter how much you're prepared still you fails, sometime's no matter how much you're confident you still beat, no matter how much you're strong still you fall down. that's when you accept the fact and that's why this is life, a life encompassed with series of unknown turns.

I felt disappointed, but yeah happy for the club who won against us, because they did won cleanly with a good game. Any ways, lets see what Madrid got for us in 13 of this coming week.

Hopefully they will surprise with joys.My love, support and My prayers!!!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Smoke in Naked Sky.

Coldest lip kissed the naked heart,
Slowly biting fashionably.
The reach to extremities, spread even to sky,
With breath growing heavier and cloudier.
The blood in veins stressed the walls.

The growing shimmer of light faded into dark,
The cheerful noises ceases into dreadful silence,
And the grip was heavier than the gravity.
The lonely night of sequential battle consumed hugely,
With the firing neurons thrusting the brain.

The tremor inside growled tremendously,
And slowly body fall apart like the falling boulder,
Muscles are heavily stressed and consumed.
And journey travelled, slowly starts fossilizing,
With 'nothingness'in the lens.

-Only when you experience the coldest of sorrows, the harsh of sufferings, the worst of battle, our brain starts to think that nothing in this world is purely permanent. like the beautiful spring flower that shrinks and die with rolling time, every single thing in this colossal universe undergoes through the series of life, where one point of time, life make us to go through the photographs of things that are buried as memories.

Have you ever tried looking back once or going through all this series of roads that you've travelled?
To me, all the roads that I travelled, look more or less untravelled. The beautiful, The worst, The Sweetest, The bitter, everything that we came across in next coming years will slowly fade like the smoke in the open naked sky. It become history.

22 years back, I am a happy kid, tension free who knows nothing but easily cheered with life surprises. 10-15 years passed, along the road, I faced some of the struggles, worries emerged and I thought everything is done once you solve in meeting the success.( studying was my complete journey in fighting for the dream)

22 years now, It's like dream fulfilled. I can do whatever I want in my own hand and feet. I am growing adult, who knows how to think, how to work, and how to earn to live a life. But, what is interesting that usually came across in my mind is a flash of "impermanence" that the sum of experiences of harsh, worst, sorrows, happiness and all gave me. I see, those child memories sweet but less mattered has fossilized already and in fact, all will meet at certain point of time. Everything has a time, flowers that blooms in the spring, birds that migrates, snow and rains that fall, and so is our life and sometimes basically doing nothing other than just fighting for our own life to stand on our own feet like the rest of others makes me sick and the cold consume me throughout, because looking around everything ceases slowly and at last turn into nothingness.

"Do good, be Good and live a simple life that counts!"

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Storm Settle

Without any weight on your shoulders or either a fire in your head, or simply without doing anything, do you sometimes feel exhausted and completely restless?

Restless in meaning, when you don’t find any taste or charm in doing anything or else, equivalently when all of your body muscles feel the need of relaxation.

Exceptionally, each and everyone of us must have come across or experience such kind of situations like well fed leech after blood. Where, no matter how much you sleep, no matter how much you rest or no matter how much you tried to do something to erase all this restlessness, still you must have felt deprivation of light and energy.

Well, recently like the roaming buffalo in the field or soaring eagle in the sky, I was completely over nothing, except for attending classes although I have mountain of works to be done before a day slips. 15days, a half month passed just right in front of my eyes like the shrinking flower in the hot summer heat, and I found myself still engaged with restless bloods flowing through the veins and muscles stretched and tired.

Well questioning about my love and passion? Playing soccer and writing poem. I didn’t do anyone of this. if I did, maybe I did once but everything was so dry and rancid, charmless and nothing seems to elevate my chemical hormones that illuminates with energy.

With drowning night, I questioned myself of what I have been missing?or trying to find out where it has gone wrong or else like planning to do something next dawn break to get rid of restlessness and get over with the works that has piled up like hill. I tried waking up early in the morning, I tried doing several thing which would help me move, but things have been stagnant. And at the end of day, when no thing work out, I again wonder how much I have to do to get rid of all this things. Basically I felt like things are like rotting away and fossilizing.

Did you ever felt this way? Yeah I know you must have felt pathetically restless with sicken nerve but don’t worry, body made of flesh and blood, body made of heart that feel and mind that changes are subjective to so many things that come across the road. That’s why, I realized, sometimes its not wise to fight. You know, sometimes no matter how much we prepare still we fail terribly, no matter how much we plan still it turns terribly wrong, because sometimes some things are beyond what we can understand until we leave it on its own way and wait for a good day.

At the end of the day, what is so important is learning to move on through whatever we come across, because are meant to deal with all this life swings and maybe you’re still wondering how? but yeah I wrote this article on my bed, body restless and at end I felt the light that illuminates me finally. I knew, light shine much brighter after deep dark. The answer to the question is , answer is always near and right in front of what we are searching, so don’t over think and consume unnecessarily. Life is marriages of so many battles and joys.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

An Open Letter To Mind.

Dear mind,

Well, I am aware of limitless length you can travel tirelessly, an unlimited height you can fly and ocean of volume you can drink with the numerous external stimuli that trigger you each single second.

As your body find a place on old chair in cool air conditioned room, embracing the deepest silence inhaling peacefully, I understood how suddenly you wish to be like a cup of formless water that sits in front of you when your window photographed for you.
It’s interesting here too, when few days back when your body was laid down on a naked ground facing perpendicularly to the sky and when you suddenly wish to be like those of spring birds dancing musically in an open sky.
Here is serious question? Like you can travel, fly and capture, I wonder if you’re able to reach below, under you and see whats going.

A mother of your body(heart) tirelessly do the job with the listless wishes you made. And I appreciate how much he can drink, stand up all the battles he face to get to where he want. But sometimes, no matter how much he try he is helpless, no matter how much he is sure he is clueless, no matter how much he has plan he is nowhere , things fail terribly unexpectedly and nobody understand. I feel terrible looking at the drunken heart unable to fulfill your innumerable list of what you wish.
At the end of day, looking at the heavy heart, burning lungs when they set slowly with sun and when nothing work out despite unending energy I feel terribly shaken like earthquake tremor.

Brain, you think bulk like mountains, feed heart with infinite desires and when things get stagnant, it consume whole of the everything. I realized, doing one thing successfully is more than wishing of so many thing’s and nothing made.
Next time, its totally fine even if you start thinking beyond imaginations, beyond the fences and horizon of limit like you always do but don’t wish for what is impossible.

An old mother sinks day by day with infinite unfulfilled wishes like the fading smokes in the open naked sky.

Your sincerely,

"You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus."